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Kurt Cobain. [Apr. 5th, 2014|04:00 am]
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Thank you for the music.

You inspired many people, which is something that most people don't get a chance or fail to do.

There isn't anything I could possibly write to properly express my gratitude.

So thank you, once again, for everything that you left for us.

February 20th, 1967 - April 5th, 1994

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Let Me Tell You Why the Worst SB Ad of Them All ... Is. [Feb. 2nd, 2014|09:44 pm]
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Chrysler's Bob Dylan Ad approaches dangerous levels of nonsense in its message.

Let's go over some key points in why this is a most terrible Super Bowl ad, all-time:

  1. Bob Dylan selling anything for Corporate International is a full sellout of his entire life.

  2. Chrysler is an Italian company. They're owned by Fiat.

  3. Supporting bullshit is revisionist history. At the 36 second mark, Bob claims that what Detroit did was a "first, and became an inspiration to the rest of the world," and we see a shot of an Autobahn sign during that part of the ad.

  4. (First point related to Point 3) Automobiles were not first made in America. Benz created the first true auto, in Germany.

  5. (Second point related to Point 3) Eisenhower's stellar Interstate push was an improvement upon what he first marveled at with Hitler's Autobahn.

  6. So much irony shines in an Italian company trumpeting American Nationalism ... since Eisenhower was the one who oversaw the toppling of Mussolini's Italy in WW2.

Thanks for that, Chrysler. You actively hurt the world, in so many ways, with that silly ad campaign, reaching an epic peak of extreme bullshit here. My desire for a Chrysler 300 has now dropped to Mariana Trench level. And I will still play Bob Dylan 60s songs, but I now officially loathe Bob beyond healthy levels.
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Thirty Seven. [Jan. 18th, 2014|04:14 pm]

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Sauce's 2013, in Review. [Dec. 29th, 2013|06:19 pm]

This wasn't a great year for my family.

We first lost a beloved in-law, my cousin-in-law's mother, to cancer. And that was bad enough.

Then we lost a beloved uncle, who was just about to retire, in the spring. That pretty much colored the rest of the year, for when you lose someone dear, it's not really a year you'd like to hold dear.

My wife and I had a decent 1st year of marriage, so there's a positive, but we figured we would, since we had dated for about 10 freaking years prior to making it official. I always told her, it's like we're already married. Minus the ring and the legal documents, I wasn't wrong!

Our 1st anniversary was spent visiting her relatives in Syracuse. We also took in a nice night with Sutton Foster, a broadway star, performing various hits both from the stage and her own work. My wife was remote friends with her before she got famous, so we were able to get backstage and hang out for a couple minutes before we went out to dinner. That was a nice night, one I'll never forget.

I still have back problems, that never goes away. But I have insurance now, and it's been a slow and long process. Still, there is progress now, where there wasn't for many years.

I wanted to keep in touch with my IRL friends more than I did, but as we get older, more obligations keep us from doing what we'd rather be doing. I need to change that for next year.

In the world of games, GTA 5 was a horrible disappointment. I'm not wrong when I say that Rockstar is the Michael Bay of game-makers. But I continue to love Tropico 4 and Civilization 5, and I've grown much fonder of the competing crime-sandbox game to GTA, that being Saints Row. I have yet to play SR4, but I played the 3rd, and I liked it enough to eventually get 4 when it drops considerably in price (and when they're done releasing the massive amount of bullshit DLC that they've been releasing as of late, for both 3 and 4).

I hope your year that was wasn't terrible, and I hope that your year to come is better.
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Belated Thanks to Jim Leyland. [Oct. 24th, 2013|06:58 pm]
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[In the Moment |Thankful]
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You had an excellent run of years as manager of the Tigers. You might not have had the success or adulation of media and fans like Sparky Anderson did, but you were a solid manager in my book. Best of wishes as you transition to front office and eventually to retirement. You're a fav in my book, Jim.
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ALCS Game 1 [Oct. 13th, 2013|12:44 am]
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[Current Location |Detroit, MI, USA]
[In the Moment |Exhausted]
[Special Music |Gang Starr - Mass Appeal]

Was one of the most thrilling baseball games I have ever watched. And I'm beyond relieved that my team was on the right end of it.

1. Combo no-hitter by Detroit broken up in the 9th by Boston.
2. Peralta bats in the only run of the game, 1-0 game by the top 2 offenses in the MLB.
3. Al Alburquerque pitches an inspired 7th, which is even more mind-boggling than Leyland putting him on the mound to relieve Sanchez.
4. Boston batters struck out 17 times. Seventeen. Times.
5. Tigers had only 1 run on 9 hits, and they had 12 left on base.
6. Official time of the game rung in @ 3 hours and 56 minutes, which is more typical of a slugfest.

It had more twists and turns than an Emmy-winning soap opera.

Eat 'em up, Tigers.
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GTA 5 Money Re-spawns [Sep. 23rd, 2013|02:59 pm]
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[Current Location |Auto, USA]
[In the Moment |Thefty]
[Special Music |Billy Joel - Baby Grand]

Earning money tends to be difficult for players in single-player mode in GTA V.

Considering the price tag of some properties (Golf club = $150 million), you'll need a Snickers, since it's going to be a while.

Well, this will help.

That's a 25k re-spawnable briefcase, under the sea, near Los Santos.

There's also a 12k re-spawnable at Paleto Bay.

The videos show you how to get the money to re-spawn, plus how you can get the money to accumulate as quickly as possible.

From experience, the 12k re-spawn nets you approximately $1 million per hour. The 25k case I perfected to earning about $1 million every 11 minutes. The trick is to position a 2nd character on the beach, as close to but not right on top the farming character as you can. The reason being is that the 2nd character in semi-close proximity cuts down significantly on the time it takes in the transition screen. Additionally, the beach doesn't have nearly as many spawns for the console to render, so the zoom-in processes speed up as well.

Since these were found, there have been a bunch of other re-spawn money briefcases found all over the map ... someone I talked to today found one on the eastern coast down more toward Los Santos that was a 20k case.

As this game gets older, more secrets will probably come to light, but for now, these are the best chances to make a lot of loot in a very little amount of time in GTA V.
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Detroit Never Dead. [Jul. 29th, 2013|04:02 pm]
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[Current Location |Never Dead City, American Dream]
[In the Moment |Defiance]
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Because you can't pack up the soil and buildings and liquidate a city.

The Spirit of Detroit.

Never Dead.
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About This Civ 5 Map Editing ... [Apr. 12th, 2013|07:15 am]
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[Current Location |Detroit, MI, USA]
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Plus, this epic American run was a great test of my first custom map.

After playing on the map, I found it is practically flawless, for what it achieved versus what I envisioned. Essentially, it's a Continents-plus type of map. That's a map with a few larger land masses, plus some scattering of islands.

Note: Interesting side-fact about Civ 5 ... the game recognizes only four continents: Asia, Africa, America, and Europe. Where Australia and Antarctica went, I have no idea. And don't get me started on continental classifications ... I looked that shit up, and apparently people IRL can't completely come to an agreement on what is and isn't a continent.

What makes my map different from vanilla maps and other custom maps ... I put a ton of resources on my map. By hand. Made the continents too, by hand, after I kept randomizing and not getting any random map I liked. It took me days to craft ... and it was totally worth it. Everything looked fantastic, rendered in the 3-D top-down mode in the game.

Note: This first version of my custom maps, titled "Genesis 001," is a quasi-backstoried idea that I had about life in general, with credit to the excellent film (and book), 2001: A Space Odyssey. The idea centers itself on making new versions of Earth among the stars, on other planets similar to Earth in the habitable zone of their solar systems. Basically, it's not an original idea, but let's say that life was spawned from previous eras of intelligent life, in the form of, say, an advancement-helping tool like 2001's monolith. So all life has been a never-ending series of rising from the seas, advancing in sophistication, eventually reaching the stars and traveling the cosmos, then planting seeds for new forms of life to rise and repeat, all in a similar re-birth pattern to that of supernovae and nebulae.

Pictured: Crab Nebula, or as I make my case, part of the circle of existence.

So, let's say our planet was cultivated by a similar style of species, with similar nations rising up from the Earth, with similar-forming features, all in the grand eventual leaving of this home to do more of the same, possibly with intent to create more forms of human-like organisms, elsewhere. Complete with similar Natural Wonders and so on. Thus my branding of my custom map as "Genesis."

No, not the band .......

Although, you can't go wrong with them, either. They had some great tunes.

I used an SDK (software development kit) for the game that I could download for free, which included a 'world builder' function that let me craft my map, hexagon tile by hexagon tile.

After the land-shaping, I started on plopping the resources.

I had a theory that the game was stingy on resources. And I was right!Collapse )

There were many reasons why this custom map was different, and more awesome.Collapse )

There were a couple bugs, but one was cool and one was irrelevant. If you want to try my map out, let me know!Collapse )

So yeah, Americans are an awesome choice to use in the game, much much much of the game was discussed, and my map was pretty cool. That about covers it for now. Happy gaming!
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Civilization 5 Gaming - American Science Victory, Game Concepts, and Map Editing. [Apr. 12th, 2013|07:00 am]
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[Current Location |Detroit, MI, USA]
[In the Moment |fog of war]
[Special Music |Genesis - Land of Confusion]

Science wins in Civ 5 are kind of cool. Unlike the other victory types, there's an animated display of your spaceship launching as part of the science triumph. The only thing like it is seeing the enemy leader's laments when you knock 'em out of the game.


Note: I just noticed something ... Askia is literally the only nubian-skinned leader in the game (mehhh, Haile Selassie, yeah, but not as dark-skinned as Askia). If you watch all the others, they're pictured in lavish digs or serene settings. Askia? He's standing in front of a city in ... flames. I'll just leave that one there and hope this was not ... yeah. Maybe it was related to some particular battle his people fought. Yeah, that's the ticket. Just saying ... especially since, of the leaders, Genghis Khan is the one that needs a background of carnage more than anyone else.

Wellllll ... now that I think about it, defeating these leaders is most satisfying, since the game, after almost every turn, tends to screen-pop various rulers bringing up conversation on various things, a lot, even for banal shit like "Yanno I noticed you friended (insert ruler here). That's awesome, totally gonna copy that, Seacrest out." And some of the rulers can be mega-annoying, both in their animations, and the frequency.

Forgive me, I'm about to activate mega-nerd gamer-mode, with plenty of Civ 5 jargon.

For the rest of the unfamiliar, I done good. If you're generally not big on games, you can golf-clap now, and save yourself a lot of tedium by skipping this massive post.

For anyone interested, by all means, here's lots of Civ 5 talk, comin' right at you.

I was a bad-ass science powerhouse, playing as the Americans.Collapse )

But I'm not done yet, and since this was a great run, I'll keep playing it for a while.Collapse )

Religion happens to be a huge moneymaker in this game, big surprise!Collapse )

Religions breed war, and in this game it's no different, but I found a sneaky defense.Collapse )

Spying on other Civs is hard, but snitching rules.Collapse )

I was playing with lasers and nukes, while the others were throwing rocks.Collapse )

And I wasn't a huge nation for size, either. But I bred my people like rabbits and carried a big production stick.Collapse )

And because sharing is caring, I shared a lot, so the whole big wide Civ world loved me.Collapse )

And while 2nd place is the first loser, Germany was a rather big finisher among the losers, as usual.Collapse )

Germany was much bigger a loser than Japan, who was just a ... loser.Collapse )

China was the largest loser, and boy were there a lot of losers.Collapse )

Perhaps I should have cared as much as I shared because I kind of lost in a way, too.Collapse )

But I never lose when I play as America.Collapse )

I just love the music in this game, especially the music it plays for America.Collapse )

I often choose America when I play, but I DO branch out and try the other Civs.Collapse )

Persia, in particular, is a shiny golden Civ.Collapse )

Don't let their surrendering fool you, France is also pretty good, at least in this game.Collapse )

But nobody is almost as cool as the Koreans.Collapse )

In terms of what I can still do with the current American run, I have plenty of options, but I'm still not sure exactly what I'll do next.

I've never had a military victory (wipe out all other Civs), so it might be fun to try on a large map with a mega-army. However, military victories are more suited to smaller maps with lesser numbers of rivals. Then there's the religious dominance that I mentioned earlier, something I've never been able to achieve. For a while, I might start playing like current-day America, which is to say, acting a bit like an annoying World Police, championing some struggling Civs for my own eventual gain, all the while building to an evil New World Order.

And I will ransom this city for ... ONE MILLION GOLDS.

Plus, I got to make this epic run on a custom map that I made. I'll talk about that in another post.
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