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Over-Under at 150 and a Half Responses. - Sauce1977 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Over-Under at 150 and a Half Responses. [Jan. 4th, 2005|12:09 am]
[In the Moment |amusedamused]

Alright, I bet over.

Take a look, and make your estimate.


By posting and the responses, I'd actually hurt the chances of my estimate's outcome.

So instead . . . don't reply here. This is the first post in this journal to disable a comment, for a good reason.

I'm not running a bookie company, yet.

Outcome to be determined by midnight, eastern standard time (US, Canada), January 5, 2005.

Edit: It rang in over the mark around mid-evening.

I guess I have a nose for these things.