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Runnin' on Empty with the 'Check Engine' Light. - Sauce1977 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Runnin' on Empty with the 'Check Engine' Light. [Mar. 9th, 2005|07:50 am]

If I could wring my hands, then I would.

I woke up this morning with my hands on fire with pain.

I did a little bit of stock work yesterday. The activity sent my back to strain yet again, even with the aid of a back brace. I went to the chiropractor in the evening, and he adjusted my back, but at this point, the nerves in my neck send out fire and ache to the rest of my system. When you are 28 years old, and you're moving slower than your mother of 60-plus years, then it's a wake-up call.

My chiropractor wrote me a note to document my need from absence of lifting, but the company tends to treat outside requirements from the medical and government as pieces of toilet paper.

The repetitive and heavy lifting is a requirement that wasn't made clear to me at the time that I hired into my assistant manager position. Before this job, I could lift heavy objects. I didn't know that I'd be lifting every day, all day.

I could write at length over the mishaps at work. However, I'll save it for screenplays.

At this point, I just want to be professional about my situation.

I've been running without hope for over a month now. That's almost as bad as being in physical pain . . . being set up to fail is the general feeling.

They didn't give me everything I needed, as promised. I haven't asked for ridiculous things. I only asked for training, which they feel they have given. I checked online today, and I found out that the entire company at this level experiences the exact same environment. Some of the other stories are much worse.

I've saved some money from what I've worked. I hope I'll land on my feet.


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[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2005-03-11 06:55 pm (UTC)
A former store manager was robbed at gunpoint in Hamtramack and beaten within an inch of his life.

He couldn't work . . . the last I heard, he was still waiting for the company to kick in the coverage.

I read a number of complaints from employees and former employees online. Most of those who work for the company don't have or have limited computer ability. For them to get on computers in the numbers that they are to log complaints . . . it's a testament to a losing proposition throughout the areas.
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[User Picture]From: brushwithrob
2005-03-09 04:08 pm (UTC)
At this seasonal job I pick up every year, they give me so much shit if I take a seat between customers, meanwhile I have to park in the handicap spot because my knees are held together by fibers, lol.
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[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2005-03-11 07:01 pm (UTC)
"Sir, please do not let your body fall apart in front of the customers."

That's pretty much the long and short of it at every employer.

I'm less concerned with such issues . . . most places I've worked, the employees are generally less trouble with regard to injury . . . it's more like they have great difficulty performing basic customer service . . . just generally being nice to the customer, no matter how silly they are.

The customer is always right unless they're crazy or criminal. Those are about the only times you say 'no' to a customer . . . when they're asking for something beyond reason, or when they're trying to do something illegal.

Most folks in customer service not only do not believe that, but they rarely perform service on a nominal level.

I, however, claim quality work . . . my back kills me, but when I'm working with the nutty customers that come in . . . it's like clockwork.

Most stuff is just common sense, anyway . . . most people, however, don't have common sense.
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[User Picture]From: brushwithrob
2005-03-11 08:15 pm (UTC)
Man, so true.
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From: zboson
2005-03-09 04:12 pm (UTC)
Just last night I was wondering where you'd gotten to. It's been a while, hasn't it?

I think it's definitely time to leave your job now. Mental pain is one thing (I mean, jobs are supposed to do that to you, aren't they?) but physical distress is quite another. You don't want to permanently injure yourself, and it sounds like that's what you may be doing. Also, you'll be stuck with all the bills for your medical care if you aren't careful.

Like someone above posted, why not apply for disability, and get out of that damned hellhole??? Recuperate for a while and look for something better. Don't let this job be the death of you. Oh, they said workman's comp... I think you'll have to go through a lot of red tape for that. But if you can't work because you've been injured maybe that's the way to go.
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[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2005-03-11 07:06 pm (UTC)
Read the other response about the former store manager in Hamtramack.

BTW, the other manager, the one that 'trained' me, that's her husband. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that she was fired.

Rather than spend my life fighting these folks to just recover the court fees and then a pittance on top of it, I'm doing the common sense approach . . . I've given my two weeks' notice. I'm a professional.

I planned on quitting two days ago on a moment's notice, if the conversation with the store manager turned ugly. She's a nice lady, so I was concerned, but it went well. Plus, I really don't want to up and leave without notice . . . plus, she had scheduled this day, today, Friday, as her day off of work (the only one in the near future).

The store managers work over 80 hours a week to keep the stores on a functional level. She hadn't had a break for 3 weeks until I arrived . . . I don't mind not lifting a finger for the next week and a half in order to give her a couple days to figure out who can be lined up to take my spot.

The current question . . . I'm a nice guy with a big brain and common sense. Why must I always land on jobs that take more from me than I give?
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[User Picture]From: gluthdotcom
2005-03-09 06:04 pm (UTC)
My brother has back pain sort of like what you described. He used to go every couple of months to this one place to get a massage. It helped him out a lot. Maybe that's they way to go.
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[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2005-03-11 07:11 pm (UTC)
I'm past that point.

I have been going 2x a week for chiropractic adjustments.

They help keep me walking and able to function.

The problem is that for every two steps forward from an adjustment . . . I take one step back from ripping open boxes, lifting 60 lbs. of cat litter, and generally never getting a break from start to finish.

At the store level, it's a region-wide phenomenon of having the "house on fire." Yet, they all keep "mowing the grass."

Oh well. I did gain management experience, and I do the best that I can . . . when the company won't allow for proper budgeting to match the work load . . . it's all any manager can do. Plus, I took the position based on the interview, which painted the job in advertisement far from the reality of how day-to-day operations and duties actually are.

My guess . . . if they tried honesty with new hires, then they wouldn't have any.
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2005-03-11 07:14 pm (UTC)
It's not about working hard . . . it's about working smart.

It's very hard to work smart when the system is designed to squeeze out as much production as possible for the least (read: way below acceptable costs) amount of expense.

In other words, at this place, you not only have to work extremely hard . . . you must work smart to survive. However, for store managers that work over 80 hours a week . . . it's a war of attrition. After so many nights of little sleep, the body starts to lose the ability to make sound cognitive effort. The effect of little or no sleep works like the equivalent of a night of drinking . . . without the hangover.
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[User Picture]From: pierce
2005-03-09 10:53 pm (UTC)
good luck.
back pain sucks big time.

i worry about my feet, with all of the walking
that i do all day.
by the end of my shift they're always sore.
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[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2005-03-11 06:57 pm (UTC)
The nerve source in the human body rests in a large junction around the top of the spine . . . right near the back of the brain, under the medulla oblongata.

Guess where my spine has the most trouble?

It's a long day, indeed. Everything hurts after doing the stock-work. I can't think too well some evenings . . . that kind of scares me.
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