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Shooting at Local Detroit TV WDIV. - Sauce1977 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Shooting at Local Detroit TV WDIV. [Apr. 15th, 2005|07:33 pm]

John Owens, a former employee of WDIV, stopped by the TV studio at an unfortunate moment.

Some nutjob was trying to get into the studio. He had caused trouble for the station before this time, but Owens walked in there without knowing that the nutjob had a firearm.

He shot Owens and ran out of the studio's lobby.


Two notes:

1) They're still covering this story, and it's almost 7:30 PM, EST. At this point, they've found the vehicle and most likely the person caught on the security video from the lobby. Yet, shootings like this happen every day, and they happen in the exact same fashion.

My question: Where are WDIV's priorities with the over-ride of the national news and other shows?

If they did this with every shooting, maybe folks would have some justice. Or, they could have done the smart thing and cut it off after their time slot was finished.

2) The initial coverage focused on the MGM Grand, which is right near the place. The news agencies figured that he'd hide in there.

My question: If you're wanted by the police, where are the places that you should not go?

MGM Grand probably has more security cameras than any other building around that area. It's a casino. They're busy watching everyone to spot cheaters. Unless the guy was completely crazy and absolutely stupid, he probably wouldn't have touched the Grand with a ten foot pole.

I hope Mr. Owens is okay. I just won't watch the news, like usual, because after this day, there will be a 50% jump in reports of shootings on these local stations.

I only found out about this unfortunate situation because my mom is an old-school local news freak.