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Kurisu, Kirisuto, Christian, Christopher, Chris. [Jun. 20th, 2005|03:45 pm]

In January of 1999, an exchange student by the name of Kayo Sato returned to Japan on a flight out of Detroit Metro.

Before she left the United States, she wrote this for my mother.


The calligraphy is in katakana. Katakana are used mainly to write words borrowed from other languages and names of foreign people and places as well as to denote sounds and cries of animals.

"Kayo Sato" is a name that is not uncommon. In a quick search, I learned of a Kayo Uchida Sato. Also, Kayo Sato is the name of a Japanese artist.

The Kayo my mother knew, however, returned home and found love. In a newsletter from friends of my mother, Kayo Kobayashi returned to Michigan in 2004 to visit the family with which she stayed.

This gift from Kayo to my mother remained lost in her paperwork from school. During a summer "spring-cleaning," she found the gift among other papers. I remembered Kayo from my mother's conversation.

To Kayo, I thank you for your script.

Sometimes the best gifts remain simple and genuine.

Find your name in Japanese.