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Congrats to the San Antonio Spurs, 2005 NBA Champions. - Sauce1977 — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Congrats to the San Antonio Spurs, 2005 NBA Champions. [Jun. 24th, 2005|03:00 am]
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Dreaming the Impossible Dream, Vol. 2: Detroit's Night of Disappointment.

In the 4th quarter of the 7th game of the biggest moment in the NBA, the San Antonio Spurs played a perfect smother on defense and hit clutch shots with open opportunity.

Detroit fouled the Spurs often and early, and it most definitely kept them tentative on defense in the 2nd half. The Pistons offense, like most every offense, had a hole late in the game with which they could not climb from it in time.

Congratulations are due the San Antonio Spurs. They played with a hunger in their eyes in that 4th quarter which I recognized in the eyes of the Detroit Pistons and every championship team. They earned every bit of this NBA championship.

Detroit's drive to win impressed me. When the game became strong in San Antonio's favor, the defense faltered a bit, which is as much of a sign as Detroit's team will give an opponent of an empty gas tank. Detroit played until the final buzzer, hoping to rally the team to an impossible finish.

In the end, great teams do win championships. Both of these teams were worthy of it.

Only one can take it.

However, championship teams do not settle for less.

Neither the Spurs nor the Pistons will settle.

Championship teams also learn from their mistakes.

Detroit's Finals run in 2005 can be studied by the Pistons front office with an eye toward composure and consistency. Despite Larry's health, the team played well over the NBA playoffs. Their impossible comebacks were something almost beautiful to behold. They played as a team, and they played with a mentality to spread the offense among their talented five on the court.

Many of the Pistons will most likely learn from their series of post-season games. Of the people to learn from these series, I wish Rasheed to reflect and grow.

Joe Dumars summed up the direction of these Detroit Pistons after the loss. He talked of his confidence in the team. He also mentioned that Detroit will return with success for their next season. I agree with Joe. After all, he built these Pistons from scratch.

The bench most likely will feature reinforcement. We shall see the future of our sideline leader when Brown checks into the hospital to attend to his hip and bladder. As champions do, they will be quite dejected in the next days. At some short point during the summer, they shall overcome.

The Spurs featured Tim Duncan as the MVP of the Finals. To me, however, it is clear that no one player stood from the pack of Spurs. They serve as the model in 2005-2006 for team play. They collectively bent, but they did not break. They played with a consistency in games 5 through 7 that was just enough to win the Finals.

This Spurs franchise will most likely feature a rise in the strength of Ginobili and Parker. Popovich will lead his team once again to the next likely height of action in the 2006 Playoffs.

I cannot thank Detroit and San Antonio enough for this series. This rarity of top defenses in combat on the greatest stage will be an example for future coaches with a team solid in defense and distribution of the ball.

The night of dejection shall give way to the day of nurture, and it will lead to the genesis of a tougher team.

San Antonio will ride the euphoria with much respect and admiration, and they will return to defend their title.

Thank you, Detroit Pistons, for an excellent story. I wait for the next volume.

It is not finished.


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[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2005-06-24 08:41 pm (UTC)

San Antonio and Detroit are not through the wave of dominance.

I love how Tim Duncan felt that he played terrible in Game 7.

At some point, Tim's selflessness gives way to a better story of missed free throws to force a Game 7 and taking advantage of Detroit's power forwards in foul trouble.

San Antonio, to make no mistake, is one heck of a worthy champion.

There really wasn't an MVP standout on the Spurs.

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