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Ching Chang Chong Leagues . . . Great Success. - Sauce1977 — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Ching Chang Chong Leagues . . . Great Success. [Jan. 4th, 2006|01:00 am]
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[Special Music |Queen - We Are the Champions]

Ching Chang Chong Fantasy League Logo.

Friends, neutrals, enemies, opponents, men, women, children, pets, and other living organisms . . .

The results are in the ESPN computers.

Congratulations to New Orleans Pirates, Champion of Ching Chang Chong #1.

Congratulations to Kent Shockers, Champion of Ching Chang Chong #2.

Congratulations to The Mustachioed Banditos, Champion of Ching Chang Chong #3.

Congratulations to The Jersey Polluters, Champion of Ching Chang Chong #4.

Message from your Commish, as follows:

To everyone who owned a team in the Ching Chang Chong Leagues, I thank you very much for your participation. Without you, the leagues could not work, and every participant of any record deserves this message of gratitude.

At this point, around Labor Day, 2005, I felt dejected over this experiment in complex structure of fantasy football. I wasn't sure if ESPN would even play fair. I deleted, literally, all the leagues due to over-reaction on a bait-and-switch pulled by ESPN, of which they recanted (and I did, in turn). Those who were in the first incarnation of the CCC Leagues, prior to deletion, I thank you as well. Your very interest makes all the difference, all of you.

When the leagues kicked off, ESPN was still trying to make their league servers not suck. Our drafts, among the leagues, were plagued with Java errors and server connection failure on ESPN's end. After much initial headache, the leagues continued.

To my surprise, many of you also continued your fantasy attacks, despite all of the early frustration. To my greatest surprise, not only did the former happen, but the leagues featured a lot of weekly action among the owners.

The point system worked well, and the competition was fierce. They were the best leagues I've ever participated, and this group of folks who played with me in my leagues . . . you are fantastic, every last one of you.

Check back in the next weeks. When I get time, I'll finish up e-trophies for the teams.

Next year, I would like to continue the action. We'll probably roll with no 'keepers,' since my experience with that system is utterly negative. I could use some help in the organization for next year, and we'll probably slate a draft day for that last part of August/early September, right before NFL Kickoff. It's been my experience that draft days right before the regular season benefit all combatants to choose from a larger pool of starters. We, however, will set up leagues far before the draft day. Look for it in the summer of 2006.

Once more, despite fear of redundancy . . . thank you ever so much. It was a quality experience of fantasy football, and I give all of you a sincere thanks for being part of the Ching Chang Chong inaugural seasons.

Christopher sauce1977, Commish, CCC Leagues.

Again, thank you, all of you. By your presence, all of the owners are winners.


[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2006-01-04 07:50 am (UTC)


I hope for more snatchin' for 2006!
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