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How I Rock. [Feb. 4th, 2006|04:00 am]
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This is how I rock.

This Way to Electronic Music.


[User Picture]From: billhelm
2006-02-04 10:53 pm (UTC)
i was thinking of you this week with all that super bowl hoopla going on in your hometown.

those red eyes are scary man.

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[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2006-02-04 11:26 pm (UTC)


Hahaha, nice icon. :D

I went down there yesterday. Streets were closed off, and it's jumpin.'

Red eyes . . . deep down inside, we're all a bit of a machine.
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[User Picture]From: billhelm
2006-02-04 11:29 pm (UTC)


I read a blog post by a guy who lost his car in a parking lot down there somewhere for 7 hours. I think it was on Deadspin but I can't remember and I couldn't find it. Anyway, hilarity...

welcome to the machine.
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[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2006-02-04 11:36 pm (UTC)


The biggest problem I've heard about at the moment with the increase in traffic . . . somebody contaminated an ATM with mercury.

Detroit's a bigger 'security' issue than LA and NYC, only in my estimate because they lack the normal resources to 'handle' an emergency.

Case in point . . . someone tried calling a 'homeland security' number when they saw someone acting weird, and it went through to a voice mail, which promptly disconnected the caller.

Local news got on that one, and they found out that it was a Detroit homeland number. Apparently, the city moved the offices, but they forgot to change the phones. It's run by a handful of Detroit city workers, lol.

The public would be better off calling Local news or 911. I'd try the local news. I mean, this town, for all the sudden popularity, is still major bush league.
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