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Detroit vs. New York - Refs Win! [Mar. 17th, 2006|10:20 pm]
[Special Music |Donaghy can shove his whistle up his ass.]

It would take merely the luck of the Irish to ruin a basketball game.

Not just Dolan and his pus-green Knicks outfits, mind you . . .

Officials for the game: Bennett Salvatore, Jason Phillips, and Tim Donaghy.

The last one isn't Rasheed Wallace's friend. He got ejected tonight . . . so did Rip Hamilton.

Then, the fouls started flying on both sides.

This game was perfectly under control, that is, until Donaghy's Tech Warriors went crazy at the start of the 3rd with the calls.

Larry Brown got a tech for standing on the court.

The Knicks, of course, have 4 fouls at this point on both of their guards.

I tuned in to watch a high-octane offensive show and a massive Pistons win.

As of the flagrant hands of Donaghy and the referees, we have a probable Knicks win in a defensive snoozefest.

Thanks, Donaghy and co., you're the 6th men on the court.

Hey Stern: Fuck you for allowing that Irish bastard to continue to receive a paycheck.

Update: Knicks win. Most bizarre ending . . . phantom foul call on McDyess, no time left, giving him two foul shots (Pistons were down by 2) while the Knicks were celebrating. Of course, Dice was hitting foul shots at 55 % this year. He missed the first one.

Replicated, replicated.