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Paul Shirley, Would You Rather, Time Machine, Interview Question.

Paul Shirley is a basketball professional who last played with the Phoenix Suns in the NBA in the 2004-2005 season.

Currently, he's in Hollywood, doing production for a possible show about his life experience with basketball. Fox network has the pilot, and it could be picked up for the upcoming fall season.

He also keeps an internet presence on and blogland's MySpace.


I submitted a series of "Who'd you rather?" questions today for Paul.

He opened his chat session with one of them.


Who'd You Rather (City, State): Your time machine malfunctions . . . would you rather it take you to 1965, or 2065?

Paul Shirley: (4:02 PM ET): Have to go with the future. There will be all kinds of clones running around and I'll probably get some kind of jet pack out of the deal. 1965 feels too Quantum Leap. I never really wanted to go through that.

Paul Shirley: (4:02 PM ET): That certainly had nothing to do with sports. We're off to a roaring start.


The question begs itself for your consideration.

What would you choose, if you had to do so?

1965 . . . or 2065?

Poll #726373 Time Machine Malfunction. You'd Rather Hit the Year . . .



Plus . . . any particular reason for the choice?


Paul Shirley.

Paul Shirley . . . professional basketball player . . . would-be time traveler.  Push it to the limit.

Professional basketball player . . . would-be time traveler. Push it to the limit.

He only did this once before.

He only did this once before.


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