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Mainland China Holds Winning Strategy for the Pistons. - Sauce1977 — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Mainland China Holds Winning Strategy for the Pistons. [Jun. 25th, 2006|05:30 am]
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Stunning strategy revealed by By Zhenyu Li, sports writer for PD Online, for the Detroit Pistons, linked.

The story, posted as follows, for the link-challenged:

Winning Strategy for the Pistons

UPDATED: 17:12, June 24, 2006

As we know, the NBA hottest favorite, Detroit Piston with an outstanding record of 64-18 has fallen in the playoffs, leaving much doubt to me. I am wondering what they should do for the next season.

After some deep thoughts I came up with a strategy regarding the regrouping of the Pistons for the next season.

Chauncey Billups: Once be regarded as the best player in the best team and due to the scarcity of better point guard in the league, we'll have to hang on to him. The Maverick's Jason Terry is a free agent but he probably will not leave Dallas since they bumped into the NBA Finals. The Pistons should release long time favorite Lindsey Hunter and Tony Delk, and then make a play for Marcus Banks from the Timberwolves because this guy can push Billups effectively and the two seem to have a similar matching style. Banks can also create his own shot and penetrate while Billups tends to play a two man game or camp out at the three point line.

Rasheed Wallace: There is no doubt that Rasheed brought a swagger to the Pistons since his trade to Detroit in 2004. Without him, the Pistons backed out in the second round of the playoffs. But he also made many stupid fouls at the critical moment, trade him for another talent if it is not too costly.

Ben Wallace: The Pistons had better off trade him. Too small to play center, too limited offensively to play power forward, a player who was a throw in when the Pistons traded Grant Hill. He will prevent 10 points a game defensively and give you 5 points in return. There are big men available out there and Ben is willing to go as long as he gets the maximum salary. Let him go and replace him with Harrington from the Atlanta Hawks. Harrington will give you 20 and 8 per game plus an above-average defense. If the deal can't be sealed with Harrington then Vladimir Radmanovic is available from the Clippers. Radmanovic has great agility for his size and can play the small or the power forward.

Lastly I think the future of the Pistons will be Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince. I know it is clumsy to build a team around a small forward and shooting guard, but they are the most talented Pistons and I think the head coach knows that building a team in an unconventional way is sometimes the right way.

By Zhenyu Li, sports writer for PD Online

The article represents the writer's views only


Honorable Zhenyu Li, I tend to agree with your strategy.

In particular, the assessment of Ben Wallace mirrors my own thoughts. In fact, when you stated that he prevents 10 points a game and scores 5, well, that's right on target, more or less. My particular fears of the state of the Pistons in 2006-2007 revolve around what appears to be a need to score more next year. I do not believe Detroit will be allowed to strangle opponents on defense like they once managed against Boston, in a dual-vice-grip in the 2002 NBA Playoffs when Boston barely missed one brick less than Detroit en route to a 66-64 win over the Pistons.

I continued to tell people that Detroit needed to plan on scoring close to 100 points each night in order to beat Miami in the 2006 Eastern Conference Finals, and sure enough, Detroit managed to struggle toward a score around 80, while Miami's offense clicked over 90 points on their defense.

Ben's communication to Mitch Albom at the beginning of the 2006 NBA Playoffs was the turning point for me. He expressed an unwillingness to have his wrists repaired by surgeons, of which the United States has some of the finest doctors in the world. Certainly, for a contract which might pay him over 10 million a year, and then some, he could take time to repair his injured wrists.

I believe that in any case, Ben Wallace should not receive more than 10 million US dollars per year, if only because Detroit would lose much flexibility in future construction of the team. The salary cap cannot be stretched or exceeded too far for Detroit to land new pieces, and Ben's not worth a max contract, despite his status as the heart and soul of the team. The Detroit Pistons are a business in winning and profits, and signing Ben to a large contract would not threaten the profits, but it would threaten the business of winning in the future.

Please contact Ben Wallace and tell him that Arn Tellem is the devil.

Thank you,

sauce1977, Raging Pistons Fanatic.

Said Raging Pistons Fanatic on Xmas Day, 2005.


[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2006-06-25 06:41 pm (UTC)
Santa Claus roots for the Pistons.

And the DEVIL!
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