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GTA San Andreas: 100 Percent Club, No Cheats Used. - Sauce1977 — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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GTA San Andreas: 100 Percent Club, No Cheats Used. [Sep. 28th, 2006|12:00 am]
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This game does not compel me to steal vehicles in real life.

For the last month and change, I've played this game.

I never played the GTA series until this game. I'm an Xbox owner, and I've never owned a PlayStation or PlayStation 2. When they re-released the games on Xbox and PC formats, I didn't rush out to purchase copies. I knew of the series, and I remember many people writing about how awesome the game was, but I'm a first-person-shooter enthusiast, and since this game wasn't that, I just knew of it, and that was that.

I played this game so much that I started to recognize vehicles on the road in real life and call them by their GTA vehicle model names. I don't want to steal any of them, though. Sorry, activists. I am not normal, however, so there is hope, I guess.

My general opinion of the game? It's one of the best games I've played, but it's also one of the most frustrating games due to programming glitches. The game needed maybe one more year of code polish before it was ready to go. Is that fair to say, programmer-heads?

Many times, I'd park vehicles in garages of properties that I had purchased. Many times, I'd go back to the garages and open them, and no vehicle would be there. That was rather annoying. Also, I'd pull a ride into one of my garages, and the thing would be pouring black smoke, which is never a good sign if you're driving along and that happens. I'd close the garage door. Then, I'd open it, and the car would be missing every dented fender, missing door, and broken windshield it had a mere 5 seconds prior to pulling into the garage. To the Little Garage Fairies Who Magically Repair My Stolen Vehicles and Sometimes Like Those Vehicles So Much They Steal Them, I give a big thanks and fuck you.

The game's programmers clearly imply a sadist's nature.

There was one mission where I had to fly a remote-controlled bi-plane, and the mission's focus was to take out a friend's rival's delivery boys. The programmers decided it was cute to give the remote-controlled plane very limited fuel. They also programmed the locations of the delivery boys to scatter well across the vast city, leaving little probability that one could chase after all of them, kill them, and return the plane back to the roof of the building of the friend's business for a successful mission. I learned this very early, and I also noticed that when the plane idled on the ground, it expended zero fuel. So, I cleaned up the delivery boys that were closest to home base. Then, I waited for the delivery boys to move closer to my position before I attacked. The programmers also decided that the delivery boys would move at a snail's pace, regardless of whether or not they operated vehicles that should move much faster than the programmed pace. I waited over two hours for the delivery boys to decrease their distance, and I destroyed them and returned to the roof of my friend's building with less than a sliver of fuel in the tank.

The only non-required goal I have a remote desire to accomplish would be a register of gold in every test in the driving school. Possession of the vehicle that is a reward for doing as such would be fantastic without having to enter a cheat code to obtain it.

I read about the game a little before I played through it, and many accounts claimed that use of cheat codes make a mission that is necessary for game progression literally impossible to complete. So, from scratch, I never cheated. I knew that I was wasting a ton of time playing this game and games in general. If I were to doubly waste my time with this particular game and somehow never reap the meaningless reward of completing 100 percent of the main missions, then it would probably irritate me a little, and irritation is only tolerable when it involves rug burns. As for cheating at this point, there's no reason not to cheat, but I became so used to completing tasks in the game without cheating that I do not miss the possibilities of rewards from cheating.

A game that involves murder, thievery, and many other generally-unaccepted behaviors would actually punish someone for cheating. You read that right.

It is the best and most frustrating game ever, I guarantee you that much, from my gaming experience, at least.


[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2006-09-28 06:58 pm (UTC)

Word to Wise - Do Burglary Side Mission.

If killing Freddie's where you guys are at, you should have already done that one mission where you go to Col. Fuhrberger's apartment and steal all of his militia shit.

After you do this with Ryder (aka Eazy-E, lol), there's a black Boxville that becomes available for you to use. Getting in that Boxville allows you to do a side mission - Burglary. This mission is only possible between 20:00 and 6:00. The location of the vehicle - from the Johnson house, go down that street west. Hang a left at that first street. On that next major street, there's some blue-ish colored apartments to your right - it's parked outside the apartments there. If you've unlocked that Los Santos Gym, in other words, it's located in those apartments south of that gym, across the street from the gym.

Reason why I am telling you guys this - I didn't do this side mission until I was probably into doing stuff well later into the game. I wished I had done it sooner, since I didn't know the reward attached was infinite sprint.

Basically, be in that vehicle right before 20:00 and start it up on the dot. You have until 6:00 in the morning to basically find houses (like other houses you can go into - they have the floating yellow triangle), go in there, and bring TVs and toasters out to the Boxville.

Goal is to nab $10k worth of merchandise in cumulative. Stuff you grab on a burglary run is worth all the same price to fence - a huge TV nets you the same, straight-up, as a smaller TV, toaster, et cetera. The key is that the price you fetch for fencing is based on a multiplyer of all the goods you bring in one sitting. So, bringing in 10 items will net you considerably more than 5, and 20 items (I never used the apparent speed-stealing method that's out there, so my best night was 10 things or so) is worth way more than 10.

Once you net the $10k for stolen goods, you have the sprint.

Only difficulty - if you break into houses, they're not always asleep. I once broke into a house filled with Ballas. That wasn't fun, since they all had automatics.

Just like the Ryder Fuhrberger mission, if you make too much noise, the tenants will wake up. Any time your noise changes to a police countdown, run to the door. By exiting before the timer hits 0 (need to be at door at least 3 seconds to spare), you avoid getting caught, and you move on to another house. If you do let the police timer run to 0 before you appear outside, you get a 3-star wanted level. So much for a long night of burgles . . . now it's a long night of being chased by po-po.
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From: justin79
2006-09-28 07:04 pm (UTC)

Re: Word to Wise - Do Burglary Side Mission.

That sounds like a lot of fun, we'll have to try that.
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[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2006-09-28 07:06 pm (UTC)

Re: Word to Wise - Do Burglary Side Mission.

There's other sides that are helpful too, but this one was the one I sorely missed.
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