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Congratulations, Detroit Tigers. [Oct. 27th, 2006|11:30 pm]
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Congratulations to the Detroit Tigers.

You played better baseball than anyone could have predicted. Only the insane would have had you pegged for the 2006 World Series.

This was a great story from start to finish. Everything past .500 ball in the regular season was the bonus round.

You have a talented young pitching staff. Your club has many young players, and most of them can only get better. The future is bright.

Your organization provided a lifetime of entertainment for my grandfather. He enjoyed you guys right up until his end.

I carried him through the final innings. I cannot thank you enough for making it pretty exciting to watch.

You're good guys. I wish you the best.

2006 Champions of Detroit.


[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2006-10-28 08:54 pm (UTC)

lol, in other words

Also, I don't think those kids would have fallen apart on Detroit if they hadn't been abruptly cast from a team of good guys to cheating villains. They didn't know how to handle that.

Next time the Pistons are in the Finals, I demand no less than a broadcasting team of Bill Laimbeer, Chuck Daly, and Isiah Thomas whooping about Detroit after every Pistons basket. Perhaps they could throw in a laundry list of how much their opponent blew the game with 2 minutes to go and a 4 point lead by Detroit. Probably the best would be if they villainized some turnover-prone opponent center for applying something sticky to his hands, based off 15 minutes of replays when the center was waiting at mid-court to get subbed, and he had one or both of his hands on the sticky plate provided for gunk-grip for shoes.

It'd be even better on top of the best if every Finals game was an all-time low score plus the lowest-TV-rated game . . . with the Pistons winning it all after sleeping through a 42-40 regular season.

lol, MLB.
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