Sauce1977 (sauce1977) wrote,

Pistons Start Season Almost Quiet, 2-2.

Rasheed don't like it.

In the first four games, Detroit went 2-2. Rasheed Wallace picked up 4 technical fouls over the first four games. He's on pace to destroy his previous league record. Techs for laughing and dirty looks are in full effect.

I'd caution Rasheed to STFU, but I'm on his side in this situation. Kevin Garnett, one of the league's elite players, called the activity by the referees almost "un-American." I remember that Carmelo Anthony and Mike Bibby were two players who joined Rasheed with ejections for 2-techs in their first game. The league absolutely wants these players to play, seemingly, with no emotion. If one is to argue or discuss with a refree, it must be in a hushed tone in front of a screaming crowd of tens of thousands.

What's next, David? A ban on tattoos?

The NBA is still tons of fun, but the rules and the controversy are getting in the way. Stern didn't need to change the ball. Stern didn't need to clamp down on players without clamping down on the referees. I was somewhat pleased to see the dress-code installed last year, but at this point, it's starting to look like David's turing the league into the Old Chaps Basketball Association.

I'm literally waiting for Rasheed to call one of the referees "Old Bean."

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