Sauce1977 (sauce1977) wrote,

I'm Dreaming of a White Easter . . .

Just like the ones I used to know?!?!!1!?!

And Mother Nature slapped the face of the United States . . .

It reached as low as 28 F in Hawaii during the week.

It reached as low as 28 F in Hawaii during the week.

Look at all that blue map . . . that means its freaking cold everywhere there's blue. That means if you're from somewhere that never gets blue on the maps, then guess what, you probably want to die right now.

Current temperatures, just past midnight, Easter Sunday, 2007.

My response to this White Easter was less than positive.

Fweeeeet.  From webcomic Married to the Sea.

Happy Easter. I was kidding about the cancelled part a couple days ago.

Tags: cold weather, easter, fweeeeet, married to the sea, white easter

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