November 12th, 2005

Pirate Flag

Raise the Roof. 6-0, Pistons, Let's Go, Yo.

You knew this was coming.

Detroit Pistons 84, Portland Trail Blazers 81
@ The Rose Garden, Portland, OR

I would like to congratulate the Portland Trail Blazers for a fine performance. I expected this team to play up to Detroit, and they did. In fact, the youth and energy displayed on that team's floor reminds me very much of the early Detroit teams of this millenium. You guys have a huge upgrade in Jack and Telfair. Doesn't it feel good to get out from under the noose of your older points?

That comeback made it interesting. Heck, as a Pistons fan, the entire 4th quarter was solid. Not only did Portland defend the Pistons players very well, far better than the Suns, but they managed to slow down that offense. They tried to choke the Pistons with defense, and it almost worked. That's a small personal victory for Portland. As a Trail Blazer, you take that to the confidence bank, and you beat the living shit out of the next opponent. Play smart, mind you, but you bank it and bust the next dude.

I think you can all stop the cat-calls about Zach Randolph at this point. 21 points was some damage. Darius Miles shows his gifts on the court. You guys can't get down on either of them any longer than tonight. Tonight, Portland grew stronger. That was the toughest T-Blazer team I've watched in a while. You can thank Nate McMillan for this squad.

McMillan has a special gift. These Portland youngers are going to play for him, and they will get better. We can forget the mayor's repeated mis-call of his name on the podium. Nate's great, and be thankful for that guy, since I was kind of bummed that he couldn't wait for Detroit. Love that man. Cherish him. Go to your games, and support that team like you did tonight . . . you don't often see fans chanting and getting behind the home squad so late in games. Forgive their mistakes in this game. They played hard, and the coaches coached well. They deserve the city's respect.

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You know it. Here it is.


You don't beat one Piston.

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