November 22nd, 2005

Angus Young Bluueeh!

I Swear That Argument Isn't My Greatest Love.

Regardless, I'm a total mental-deficient for doing it so much on the internet, regardless of win or loss.

I suppose my virulence can be summed this way:

When a proper place at whatever table is not made, then I tend to break the chair legs of those with the seats.

This Patch of Internet Special Olympics.

The point, in sum:

Jiri Fischer, a professional hockey player, collapsed during last night's game from a seizure.

After it was announced over the PA that he was okay, the announcer notified the crowd that the game was cancelled.

While some feel a player's serious injury is grounds for cancellation of a game, I do not.

I do feel, however, that death or serious threat to health/safety is proper grounds for cancellation.

In more than one case, professional sports players, from events on the field, have not only been sent to the hospital, but they've been crippled, and in some cases, they've died. In those cases I cited, the game continued.

Given the nature of the professional level of the sport, and the numerous obligations that link themselves to the sense of professionalism, I believe, unlike the majority, that tonight's cancellation of the hockey game was without much justification and therefore improper use for cancellation of the game.

Of course, I can do this all with holding proper concern in my mind and heart for Jiri, while holding a completely calm heart rate. Hey, even my English held up fairly well!

Just remember, the next time someone goes to the hospital at your job, make sure you show your boss the Red Wings game, and tell them that you cannot work any further that day!

If you do that, don't blame me for your pink slip. ;D

PS - I'm not actually proud of any of this. That's never really my aim. I can't say that zero self-amusement results from such nonsense, but the amusement always results from another's failure to comprehend a body of text, followed by the general idea of "Are you fucking crazy?" and "Let's donkey punch this fucker."

By the way, Jiri is fine. He was joking with his teammates at the hospital.