November 25th, 2005

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Girls Prove Vanity Holds More Weight Over Their Bodies.

I had a suspicion that such heavy argument might prove true.

I'll reproduce the article under the following lj-cut.

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You can give a shout-out on how you feel about all of this, whether you're a woman, man, or alien.

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Exercise - Do You Want to Be More Fit?

I Define "Fit," You Fatties.
Donuts to That!

Exercise - How Do You Feel About Exercise in Front of Others?

I'll Hump in Public.
Gyms Give Me the Queasies.

As always, feel free to elaborate upon your point of view.

For my viewpoint, I hold no personal preference toward the appearance of another, so long as the behavior proves well.

I, of course, am a somewhat selfish individual, and I'm mostly concerned about my treatment from others.

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The Day After Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving 2004, I sat by myself in a Los Angeles apartment.

My friend's grandfather died, and my Los Angeles friends travelled home to attend his funeral. I could not, due to multiple factors, return to the Detroit area.

Instead, I sat inside my apartment, watching a horrible Lions game, eating what really wasn't a turkey dinner, and generally feeling lonely and angry at the world.

Of course, I probably had little justification for feeling that way, but I am imperfect and myopic like any normal human.

Thanksgiving 2005 proved far better than the previous year.

We travelled up to my grandfather's cottage. My uncle built a home next door on the original property, so we were to attend dinner at his house.

I spent the afternoon sampling cheesy potatoes and various breads. I napped in a recliner while half-following the putrid Detroit Lions on the radio. When it was time for dinner, the party of my mother, grandfather, girlfriend, aunt, uncle, and myself made the way across the way to my uncle's place. Dinner proved waiting and luxurious. We had plenty of food for everyone. I wish I could explain to you how marvelous the spread of food actually was, but take the best sex you ever had, and that was the food in terms of taste.

After dinner, I entertained the crowd with my prowess in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. The family had watched the third episode on the surround-sound entertainment center, and we then played teams. I, of course, proved to be the sith master of the 4th-6th films. The newer, 1st-3rd films, well, I'm fuzzy upon them. However, I made my best Emperor impressions, and I also wore a large stretch of transparent plastic wrapping upon my head. The crowd laughed and enjoyed themselves.

I am thankful for life, at this moment, and I certainly hope that all can understand that the American holiday is not about pilgrims, natives, turkey, parades, football, or any other silly notion. All it remains is a recognized day to be thankful for whatever positive benefits one has.

At the moment, I'm enjoying an entire bottle of Weber Liebfraumilch from Rheinhessen. As I sit here, enjoying this bottle of milk from our lady, please accept my gracious offering of thanks. I enjoy all of your words.


For all the non-alcohol-drinkers, a fine drink of whatever you enjoy will do for raise of glass.