Sauce1977 (sauce1977) wrote,

Efram Potelle & Kyle Rankin's Hellholes (4 Shorts)

"I'm kind of going through hell right now . . . "

Enjoy. I had a chuckle or three. :D



Hellholes 2


Hellholes 3


Hellholes 4 (finale)


Hellholes Bloopers


Directors: Efram Potelle, Kyle Rankin

Cast: Kyle Rankin as Guy, Ray Wise as the Professor, Corbett Tuck as Coffee Shop Girl, Francesco Lopez as the Mexican Man, Pauline Cohn as the Devil Kid, Rolanda Mendelle as the Harried Woman, Efram Potelle as Fentworth, Cassandra Church as the Hot Woman, Lalla Robinson as the Disgusted Girl, Amelia Roche as Voice of Guy's Mom, and Kathy Potelle and Jane Rankin as Demon Voices.

Tags: atom films, comedy, efram potelle, hellholes, kyle rankin

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