Sauce1977 (sauce1977) wrote,

Royksopp Geico.

People have probably watched this advertisement from Geico . . . it is one of the many featuring cavemen. The cavemen rival the gecko, which seems to be losing steam to the cavemen.

Check out their crib, tip courtesy of thedeadfisharmy.

This video, I reference, in particular.

Every time I watched this ad, I thought . . . Hey, that's a catchy tune, and what is that tune, anyway? Haha, caveman.

Royksopp is the group, and the song is "Remind Me."

The Geico ad apparently uses an alternate mix. This is the video for a different version.

Nice video. I liked. Their other videos are neat, too. Search "Royksopp" on YouTube.

Tags: caveman, geico, remind me, royksopp, so easy even a ____ can do it

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