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Note to the San Antonio Fans: This Is Your Finest Hour. [Jun. 11th, 2007|01:00 am]
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It's gotta be sad for King Stern to see how very little people care for his league and the game provided in favor of the high scores and selective stars that the league chooses to market on an ESPN-highlight level that lasts only a few seconds. What an utter failure for the commissioner, in sum, for this season's example.

When you spend years of burn for names instead of teams and the game, then you get absolutely what's happening with this season. It can only get worse.

Unfortunately, I don't have any further for sympathy for that NYC buffoon.

Imagine if the players and referees union scream for more at next juncture. The 05 CBA was more like an 05 Terrorist Bargaining Agreement.

I love a dominant team, and the Spurs are it. Shut down the Cavs offense in Game 1 . . . didn't scratch the surface of SA's offense, either. Game 2 . . . Cavs offense works slightly better . . . Spurs turn up the offense. If you grind it out, then SA will grind it out much better. If you run and gun, SA will do it better. If you send a superstar to defeat the Spurs, then SA will kill that man on the court. This is your dynasty, ladies and gentlemen. It should be given burn, not getting burned by absolutely little positive press. Remember, the national media and complacency in the front office threw Detroit under the bus in favor of talking this kid up as the league's hope for the present, not the future, of the very same dominance that San Antonio's put upon the league.

Regardless of media lunacy and the court jester that runs the league . . . thank you for providing your example.

Now don't screw it up over these next two games. San Antonio has the possibility to destroy the head while keeping the body alive.

As for Casual Fan ™ . . . your disposable income is greatly overvalued. Now stay away.


[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2007-06-12 01:33 pm (UTC)

Arenas = Billups, and DC Similar to Detroit.

Arenas stays in DC, unless the climate gets sick between now and this time next year.

This DC season ended up scratched because of major injuries to Arenas and Butler. Healthy team next year, and they don't make playoffs . . . that's the sick climate I speak in reference.

Arenas is doing the same thing Billups is doing.

Dumars came out on the radio the other day and addressed the shenanigans with "blowing up" this team as exactly what they are . . . foolishness and frustration.

I think DC's committed to keeping a more free-wheeling style of play with Arenas, Daniels/Stevenson, Butler, and Jamison. Unfortunately, they have the same problem Detroit does . . . the center doesn't fit their style. Haywood/Thomas is a poor fit because those guys are both pure half-court. It bogs everything down like Webber bogged Detroit's offensive interior. Watching those guys lumber up the court, all three of them, especially kills the buzz of the other racehorses.

Both Detroit and DC need at least one of those guys on the bench to make sure that a particularly tough interior D with a bigun on their roster won't get away with half-court murder, but none of those three are starting material. Never were, never will be from about the start of 05-06 onward. Detroit was especially lucky to get anything out of Webber in the 2nd half of the season. That guy has to retire if he thinks he's worth more than 15 mpg off the bench on a competitive roster. Webber just can't run anymore, and he takes way too long to figure out what he's going to do in the paint. A fast break from the guy is asking too much.

Haywood wants Eddie Jordan gone, and I agree with him. But there aren't too many people willing to balance a tighter perimeter D with a transition and pace-pushing game out there. They can't go get Carlisle because his game pace is extremely slow . . . pure half-court.

I think Haywood exits, and they look to get a big guy who can run and won't cost them an absolute lack of interior defense. They tried that big freak Peter John Ramos from Puerto Rico, but his problem was like most young kids in the NBA - really fucking stupid on defense. Fouls a plenty. He was semi-athletic but not worth the 5 years it'll take to get him to be worth anything to anyone. So they haven't made wise decisions in youth at the center position, that's for sure.

I can't believe Joe Dumars will let Flip Saunders stay without his own share of the blame. Joe, on that media day yesterday, really avoided specifics, but he pretty much hinted at a team-wide blame for the Cleveland series and the lack of oomph in their playoff run. The lack of oomph is clearly Flip's playbook. Failure to push aggressively inside and deal with more turnovers among bigs when the team takes away the perimeter . . . that's Flip's great sin. And the defense was going to slip in Detroit's interior with Webber, but there's absolutely no excuse for the defensive breakdowns from Flip. His stinking zone really isn't anything special, and Detroit's perimeter players aren't lightning fast to be able to recover when the opponent collapses that zone. Detroit's a much better man-to-man team, among their starters. Getting away from that isn't going to work in the playoffs, anyway. Zone is something you pull when absolutely nobody can shoot from the outside . . . or when your interior D sucks so much that you absolutely have to gang up with a big paint island. And since Detroit still has Rasheed Wallace, that's not entirely horrible defense. Live with a Webber giving up points to mediocre centers and only trap when it's available and opportune. Flip forces way too much shit out of these vets in his plays. It seems way too rigid in design . . . and way too easy to give up, player to player, on the offensive end . . . which is why all those guys kept hanging around on that perimeter and forcing shots. Detroit's bigs and vets know how to ball in the paint - not enough plays are called through the inside-out.
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