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Hersheys Kisses, the Good Stray. - Sauce1977 — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hersheys Kisses, the Good Stray. [Oct. 24th, 2007|07:30 am]
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[Current Location |Detroit, MI, USA]

Stray dogs? In the city? I'll help if they're nice. But they got a lot to go to be nice like this dog.

I went out for a smoke one night, and off to the side through some bushes, a dog approached me. The way it appeared made my instinct flirt with the notion of fierce punting from attack. Instead, it was pretty docile, responded favorably to my voice, did a circle around me, even brushed up against motionless me. So I crouched down to give it the "okay good dog" pet, and I noticed it had a collar with tags.

The dog was named "Hersheys Kisses" . . . an incredibly gentle animal about medium-dog size. Some sort of mutt, but it was incredibly better than any pure breed could be. Not just well-behaved, but it responded to commands from strangers. Almost too compliant. It started to wander away, and I realized it probably wouldn't be good for the dog to go slink off to get run over at night when I had the ability to prevent it. So I called it, Hersheys came back immediately, and then it followed me to the backyard when I motioned for it to enter. Easiest dog wrangling ever, that was.

As it patrolled our backyard, making itself at home, I wondered who in the hell would ever chance this dog getting away because it was too awesome for that kind of fate. I called it over, tried looking at the tags. It was lousy lighting out there, and the tags had dumb print that was difficult to read, so I called a relative over to figure out who owned this thing on the second set of tags. He was able to make out the address AND a phone number. We joked about leaving throaty messages like "I'VE GOT YOUURR DOG, LEAVE TWO BAGS OF HERSHEYS KISSES BY THE MAILBOX AT THIS LOCATION IF YOU EVER WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN."

We sat outside with it for a while after the owners' phone number gave us an answering machine. Hersheys played family dog while my cousin and I talked sports. It was kind of cool outside, but Hersheys wasn't affected by that, even though we were getting a little chilled. We decided to go in the house, but we didn't want to bring the dog in with us because it wasn't ours and we didn't want to get it familiar with anything other than it currently was. We didn't need frequent Hersheys Escapes to Come to Our House, even though that would have been kinda awesome.

Finally, the owners showed up at our house and we gave Hersheys back to them. They didn't explain much, but they probably realized this was a bad night to go out on the town with the dog outside. It wasn't necessarily an outside dog, but their evening is left up to interpretation because I have no idea.

One thing I still chuckle about is Hersheys Motives.

This dog probably had to work to get out of whatever fenced yard they had here in the city. When it did escape, it got to wander for a while until it met me. Essentially, based on Hersheys Actions when it met me, the entire adventure ended with a different cage than one it was used to at the owners' residence. It did all that work . . . for that? lol dogs.