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NCAA Basketball - Men's Finals - *Urrrk*

Mercifully, that train wreck is over.

Those were first seeds? Really? You're lyin.' Really? Get out of here!!

I watched 8 minutes of the tournament. The end of the game lacks proper description. So here it is. Those eight minutes weren't worth it. I would rather have watched this year's Knicks take on the Heat. I would rather have worked for an hour at McDonald's. I would rather have spent these minutes at a loss for words.

Anyway, I watched the last 8 minutes of NCAA basketball, and I am now a lesser man for it.

I'll say this . . . Memphis had the game in the bag with just over two minutes to go. Dozier makes his free throws. 60-51, Memphis. Then, the team proceeded to allow Kansas to absolutely dumb their way back to a tie at regulation. Foul-foul-foul. Memphis-miss-miss-miss. Kansas just bull-rushed them. Both sides. Fall-on-stage-dumb. Buzzer. Tie game. OT? More Kansas zerg-rushing. Kansas wins, 75-68.

I'll also say this . . . for every missed free throw, turnover, and absolute stunning lack of ball-movement I witnessed, nothing was as priceless as the scorekeeper's error with 20 seconds to go in the game. The clock kept running for several seconds after the referees blew the game dead. Even those guys subconsciously wanted out of that arena.

It was so awful, it was almost good.

I almost wish the NBA canceled this year's draft, but I know better. There are really good kids who deserve to go to the pros. The problem is, they're surrounded by true amateurs. Crap for talent didn't begin to describe what I saw in the last 8 minutes.

Anyway, good luck to those kids, and good fortune to the seniors. I can't say that it was a memorable moment, even though you would agree to disagree.

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