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NBA Playoffs? Nevermind. [Apr. 25th, 2008|11:09 pm]

Can you guess what the biggest NBA Playoffs story will be?

Pistons! After one week of playoffs, it appears as if Detroit thought championships were won in the regular season.

1-2 this week?

To Philly?

It's not that the Sixers aren't getting respect. It's that the lousy level of play Detroit has given is a much bigger story.

I've analyzed every little detail about the Sixers. Their 2nd half record, Andre Miller, Reggie Evans, everything. None of it makes sense. They're the toughest .500 club I've ever witnessed. They're playing the best ball they can play. That's not what makes sense. I didn't expect Detroit to come out and play this week like their record was 23-59. It's not fair to Philly, but the bad news perspective nets better ratings and more ad sales.

I see a lot of other things that don't make sense. Washington beating Cleveland THAT badly? Utah losing at home to the Rockets? Jannero Pargo scores 30 points in a playoff game?!?

I refuse to make all final judgments off any particular game or a small set, but so far, the level of unexpected among the series is reaching cliche. I can't tell if I'm watching the NBA, a bad soap opera, or the WWE.