Sauce1977 (sauce1977) wrote,

"Fear Itself"

The summer television shows . . . always mixed, mostly crappy.

I checked out a new series called "Fear Itself" tonight in the middle of the NBA Finals because I happened to hear "The Twilight Zone" and "The Outer Limits." Oooooh, anthology series. I like those . . . stories on an island from week to week.

The first episode, "The Sacrifice," was meh. Four guys running from something ran into trouble in the middle of nowhere. Deliverance meets Dracula. The production values . . . fantastic. The story . . . utterly failed to deliver suspense from the guys running from whatever it was they were running from . . . and at the very end, the twist really wasn't necessary. The acting was tolerable. I don't mind seeing the same shit over and over, I watch sports, but they have to do a better job.

I read this, and the author claims that the successive episodes improve in quality. I will check out the next offerings, but like the other author wrote, if this is true, then how come the "Fear Itself" producers failed to lead off with a better episode? I'll see if they're pulling my leg or not. The description of future episodes "Spooked" and "The Family Man" read good enough to try.

Tags: anthology series, fear itself, nbc, summer tv, television

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