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Deadspin's Founder 'Gets a Real Job.' [Jun. 26th, 2008|06:45 am]
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Will Leitch, founder and main honcho of Deadspin, is taking a job as editor of New York magazine.

I wonder if Buzz Bissinger will approve?

The following is a tirade directed at Will Leitch by Buzz Bissinger, a Pulitzer Prize winner. Buzz is best known for Friday Night Lights. Buzz doesn't care for blogs as a source of information. He is a journaliste. The following is his long dressing of Will, the young whipper-snapper, with background music and montage:

Buzz Bissinger should know that the quality of 'journalism' is very few and far between. In order to get a proper grip on events I consider important, I have to wade through a mountain of garbage in traditional publications to get there. Be it the LA Times, ESPN, CNN, even AP and Reuters, there usually is plenty of spelling errors, misinformation, and mysterious opinion for the bulk. From my point of view, Buzz is defending a dead horse. He helped kill it.

Would Will Leitch dumb us down? What about reading levels kept as low as possible within major publications? Buzz worries about Will's 'generation' and their professed lack of desire for 'facts,' but I especially don't agree that the worry has any merit, especially not with Will as the poster-child of such a 'generation.'

Often, I see a story about, in general, a sports player being arrested for some law that he or she broke. I understand and file the facts away when I see them. I'm looking for a 'judgment.' I am taking what I can read, getting the facts, and looking to come to a proper conclusion. I am part of Will's 'generation.'

What Buzz initially cited and repeated to Will, the "tits" quote, was a joke. It may be a crude joke, but it has nothing to do with rampant aversion to facts. The comment was written with the intent to laugh. Buzz didn't find it funny. Buzz apparently doesn't seem to be looking to laugh, when he pulls up Deadspin on his internet browser.

Since New York found something redeeming in Will Leitch enough to hire him into the journaliste class, I would advise major publications to take note. I consider anything with an internet address giving me information as a publication. It may be satire, like the Onion, or it may be news, like USA Today. It's all credible and on the same level. Quality is another issue, but as far as I'm concerned, Deadspin competes with ESPN, Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, and the like. Deadspin is kind of a TMZ of sports information. Because, yes, I find information like "Steven Jackson Gives Colonics A Big 'Thumbs Up '" as enlightening as "Shotgun Golf with Bill Murray."

The last article by Hunter S. Thompson is valid for proper context of many young bloggers today. Hunter would be considered a prototype in this strange new information landscape. Gonzo Journalism is just one of the many styles that appear on countless blogs and 'respected publicstions' of today.

One could try to debate the 'quality' of any particular information-bearer, but I choose to accept blogs with the same grain of salt as I do the traditional news. I can't believe everything I read.

Good fortune to Will Leitch @ New York magazine.


Leitch gives it one last go with Bissigner.

Is there evidence of US History repeating itself? Why do I feel like there is a distinct culture clash along age lines? Why does this feel like McCain is the Nixon crowd, and Obama is the McGovern crowd?


[User Picture]From: holzerhedrpca
2008-06-26 11:46 am (UTC)
A little late? :)

Anyway, when Buzz said blogs were dedicated to cruelty, I had to laugh, because Jay Mariotti was a big factor in ruining Steve Bartman's life for trying to catch a foul ball. That evil blogger Jay... oh wait, he's a columnist for the Tribune. Sorry.

Then he said they were dedicated to dishonesty, I had to laugh, because that disreputable blog, the Boston Globe, broke the story about there being footage shot by the Pats of the Rams SB walkthrough that ultimately wasn't true... oh wait, you mean the Globe's a newspaper and not a blog?

THen he said they were dedicated to speed. Now, I have to laugh, because aren't newspapers dedicated to scooping everyone else at the cost of accuracy? I mean, do I need to mention that the Internet, let alone blogs, wasn't in the back of anyone's mind when some idiot decided to run the headline "Dewey defeats Truman," hm?

Of course, let's not forget SportsCenter leading off with Shaq dissing Kobe in a rap. Or their famous Bottom Line note about Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss having a conversation saying they'd like to be reunited and passing it off as news. Or how about that entire frenzy about Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson being the reasons why the Cowboys shit the bed against the Eagles at home, not because the Eagles might have outplayed them.

No, the mainstream media should be lauded for their invasive coverage of the Romo/Simpson relationship, while blogs should be hammered for hotlinking pictures of Matt Leinart getting hammered (ones that he fucking posted on his own Myspace page).

Sorry for going off. This is a sore subject for me!
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[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2008-06-26 11:52 am (UTC)
Well, ESPN sure doesn't want to cover the Donaghy trial with as much zeal as the NBA Draft. That tells me all I need to know about priorities. Donaghy is the most important thing to happen to the league in the last few years, above all other championships. It defines everything done in the league since the mid 1980s. I think that ESPN would wish to retain their credibility instead of pushing their talking heads to write about their severe negative opinions about Tim Donaghy. Go on, ESPN, tell us more, no really.

Please, opine more. After all, there's room for it in Buzz's respected publications, outside of the op ed sections, no less!
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[User Picture]From: holzerhedrpca
2008-06-26 01:22 pm (UTC)
The best part about the whole thing was Buzz complaining about how profane blogs were right after he prefaced his rant by telling Leitch he was "full of shit." Really Buzz? Really?
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[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2008-06-26 01:28 pm (UTC)
There are more than a few Leitch-typed treatments of the subject on Deadspin that I've read . . . they're all fantastic, especially the one about Deadspin's beginning, where Leitch had to deal with crap dealt to him by Cosloy . . .

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