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Super Bowl Sunday.


4:12 PM - God damn you, Matt Millen. NBC, die in a fire.

4:48 PM - Kurt Warner and Ben Roethlisberger are talking to each other with chuckles and lightness of presence, but I don't care what they're saying. I wonder how they'll play. Both players have had plenty of playoff experience. Kurt generally plays amazing football in the post season. Ben Roethlisberger, not so much. Of course this is a new ball game, and anything can happen, but it's really up to Ben to rise to the occasion. People are going to remember Kurt as a good veteran who could bring it in the playoffs. Ben needs to earn that.

4:59 PM - Damn, Brenda Warner has long hair now, and it's blond. Is that a wig?!? She looked like that in 2007 ... but I didn't know she changed. This was Brenda a few years ago, around the turn of the century. Here is a message board link from others about this observation back in 2007. USA Today link from Jan 31st. Kurt, did you Stepford your Brenda?

5:10 PM - President Obama appearance on NBC. Obama keeps forecasting a "tough several months" ahead for the United States. He means, for America, that the bottom hasn't been reached. Expect billions more tax dollars appropriated.

5:13 PM - Obama gives a left-handed congratulation to the Florida Gators. Obama is for a NCAAF playoff system. I'm sure the conferences are not thrilled about the President's opinion. They're making way too much money off how things are.

5:14 PM - Obama predicts Steelers over the Cardinals, by a small margin. Apparently, Obama was wrong about last year's game ... he picked the Pats.

5:22 PM - Jerome Bettis reports that Ben Roethlisberger's nervousness is overblown. Something about Ben giving a wink. That's too bad, Ben, because most American citizens do not like winks.

5:25 PM - John Madden alert. Grand old John believes that the new road to success is getting a coach who relates to 'today's player' ... and that everyone is looking for the next Mike Tomlin. Gee, John. That's a generous praise from you. Didn't Tomlin inherit a pretty solid team? What about the Cardinals, and Ken Whisenhunt? Just do me a favor, John, and give me your gems. Bless you, you sweet crazy old man.

5:39 PM - I'm taking an early break. Most of this time is spent with game reporting, keys to each team's success, and sound bytes. I don't really care what they think, even though I normally would consider it. Today's game is an event that tends to become surreal.

6:06 PM - We're back ... Here come the teams. First the Steelers, now the Cardinals. Both coaches look focused. Neither team seems to be anything but subdued.

6:14 PM - Faith Hill sings "America the Beautiful." Nice rendition.

6:16 PM - The crew of US Airways Flight 1549 is introduced. These are the people who helped safely land the plane after a malfunction forced them to a crash landing in the Hudson river.

6:17 PM - Jennifer Hudson sings "Star-Spangled Banner." Beautiful rendition. Scratch that. She rocked it.

6:20 PM - G.I. Joe movie trailer. I'm not impressed. CGI wankfest, set to srs business rockanthema. Dick-limping.

6:22 PM - I'm not looking forward to 50 million NBC in-house ads. They didn't do too well with sales of the Super Bowl spots. 6:48 PM EDIT: I was wrong. NBC ended up selling out their ad space. It just took longer than expected. They managed to even turn out a record profit. NBC generated a record $206 million in advertising revenue for the game telecast and $261 million for the entire day.

6:25 PM - Lynn Swann, Roger Craig, John Elway, and General David H. Petraeus join referee Terry McAulay for the coin toss. Petraeus will toss. Pittsburgh calls tails. It's heads. AZ wins the toss. Pittsburgh will receive to start the 1st half.

6:28 PM - Hynudai Genesis Coupe ad, with Smashing Pumpkins musical accompaniment. Yawn. Sorry, Corgan doesn't do it for me in a car ad.

6:30 PM - Game begins! Right on schedule. Pitt starts just before their 30 yard mark.

6:34 PM - It's painfully obvious that the Cardinals defense is lacking. Already on AZ's 2 yard line.

6:36 PM - 3rd and goal, 10:14 to go ... bad fucking rollout that becomes a rushing TD for Ben Roethlisberger. Dear Cardinals ... Ben is a big fucking fatass of a QB. Gang him if you want to stop him.

6:37 PM - Christ. Arizona challenges. This feels like Super Bowl XL, all over again.

6:38 PM - Bud Light ad. They don't like jokes about their product. Guy goes through a top floor window, in response to his 'suggestion.' Sorry, Budweiser. That's a shit ad. Also, the "Angels and Demons" movie ad was not impressive. I'm generally sensing a pattern here. Am I just not impressed? Or are these ads, including that unremarkable action hero Audi car ad, a huge waste of 2.4 to 3 million dollars?

6:40 PM - HOLY SHIT. Overturned! Ben didn't get in ... this is definitely 2009.

6:41 PM - Reed's short kick is good. Pittsburgh, 3-0.

6:42 PM - BOB DYLAN?!? BRUCE LEE? JOHN BELUSHI? AND THEIR HEIRS?!?!?? PEPSI. Guess what, Pepsi. Your new logo and scheme stinks. What a waste of money.

6:43 PM - Doritos ad, funny! Crotch-ravaging joke worked. No promotion! First good ad.

6:44 PM - Cardinals take over, and start with an Edgerrin James run. Nobody's fooled. They are a heavy bent for the forward pass.

6:49 PM - VRRRROOOOOOM VRRRROOOM PARTY STARTER! Conan O'Brien Bud Light ad rules. I stand corrected, Budweiser. Each ad gets its own yay or nay when I notice them.

6:50 PM - Toyota Venza car looks like a massive piece of shit. Nobody seeking the finer life is going to spend on a cheap-looking shitbox. Or, maybe consumers are really that dumb to believe they're getting a higher class by getting a new vehicle like the Venza. I say, give me a Lexus instead, or a Cadillac.

6:53 PM - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie just saved Arizona from early shaming. Nate Washington got wide open for a Pittsburgh deep pass ... hell of a closing speed on that Cards corner.

6:55 PM - Ben Roethlisberger just completed a pass for a massive first down. Ben made the Cards pass rush turn into keystone cops. Nobody should have all that time scrambling in the pocket. That was like at least seven seconds avoiding the pass rush.

6:59 PM - End of the 1st Quarter, Pittsburgh 3-0. They'll take over deep in AZ's territory to start the 2nd.

7:00 PM - Mr. Potato Head Bridgestone Tires ad. Mildly amusing. I get their message ... the cars handle better on their tires. Decent ad.

7:01 PM - Do not want. Fast and Furious movie. Stupid franchise from the start becomes even more unoriginal in direction, and they expect people to believe they've retooled? Please.

7:01 PM - Cute Castrol monkey ad. Monkeys are a safe choice. Unoriginal gimmick, but effective.

7:03 PM - Will Ferrell movie, "Land of the Lost." FINALLY. A movie that interests a general audience ... retro TV show turned film is dicey,

7:04 PM - Weak Doritos ad.

7:05 PM - Gimmicky ad. They've been racy players in the Super Bowl ads of the pass, and this time they use Danica Patrick in a shower scene. Big deal. Unless you're going to air porn, no one cares. Big deal, there's unrated content online. Will Danica be doing some kinky sex tricks? No? Forget it., your time has passed, or ... dig deeper.

7:06 PM - Backup Gary Russell scores a short rushing TD with 14:01 to go in the 2nd Quarter. XP good, Steelers up 10-0.

7:08 PM - Weak Pepsi Max ad. "I'm good." Accidents. Not impressed.

7:08 PM - Trying to play with things other than pets isn't a good idea. Why not get a dog? Pedigree Auction Drive, nice ad!

7:09 PM - Budweiser Clydesdale drags a tree because he wants a snack like the dog. Guy calls him a showoff. Nice lol ad.

7:10 PM - Lover horses separated. "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" song, and the Clydesdale goes on a quest to retrieve "Daisy," his precious lover. Nice ad, 2 in a row, Budweiser!

7:12 PM - "Star Trek" movie ad. The buzz is already huge. They're just showing up here, making their film known. Nothing special.

7:18 PM - HUUUUUUGE 45 yard pass completed to Anquan Boldin. Warner had alllll kinds of time in the pocket.

7:19 PM - TE Ben Patrick snags a difficult end zone lob right after that for a Cardinals TD. Nice jump ball effort by Patrick! XP good. 8:34 to go in the 2nd, 10-7 Cardinals.

7:20 PM - What the hell is G? Oh, Gatorade? That's pretty fucking pretentious. Yeah, all those stars use the drink. What it means to blah blah blah, big fucking deal. At first I thought it was a new superstar money pool for some athletic clothing line.

7:29 PM - Big punt return by Steve Breaston into Pittsburgh territory. Breaston's not the first guy from Michigan to make a big play on special teams. Heh, heh.

7:32 PM - LaMarr Woodley, big sack on Kurt Warner! It's Michigan hour!

7:33 PM - Hyundai wins North American Car of the Year ad. Their worldwide competitors take notice, and are nervous. I doubt it. Another weak ad.

7:34 PM - The E-Trade baby is lame. I don't care about his baby pals or his entourage. Overused. Weak ad.

7:36 PM - Disney Pixar's "Up" animated film airs. There's a special online preview available. Mildly humorous. I'm noticing more references to additional content online. That's a dicey proposition. Very few people might stop watching the broadcast to go see something right away on their website. You paid almost 3 million dollars to put on a 30 second show on TV, not on the internet.

7:37 PM - Another lame "Drinkability" Bud Light ad. The theme this year seems to be accidents. It's symbolic of their choice of . Oh, irony

7:39 PM - Cardinals LB Karlos Dansby intercepts Ben Roethlisberger's pass to give the Cards the ball back with 2 minutes to go. Nice play by Dansby ... Ben's mistakes have been minimal up to now. I guess you could call that 'improvement.'

7:40 PM - Unremarkable HR Block "2nd Look" ad. Death comes to someone about his taxes. Huuurrrr ... uh, no.

7:41 PM -'s ad was funny. They don't box their flowers, because you never know what they might say. Heh, heh, trash-talking.

7:44 PM - Nice 1st down by Tim Hightower on the Warner dump-off pass. Pittsburgh almost had the ball back, but they forgot about the flats.

7:45 PM - Chester Cheetah unleashes a bird attack on a Chatty Cathy at an Espresso cafe by throwing Cheetos down to attract pigeons. Mildly amusing, but I have no intention of 'letting loose' at Sorry.

7:48 PM - Ken Whisenhunt takes the final Cards timeout of the half with a 1st down on Pittsburgh's goal line. 18 seconds to go ... they have 3 passing shots at the end zone. Pittsburgh should know they're a passing team.

7:49 PM - Sure enough. Interception, James Harrison brings it all the way back, 100 yards, for a defensive touchdown. Offensive penalty on Reggie Wells ... declined. TD is good. Unfuckingreal. Longest play in Super Bowl history, including special teams, Al Michaels says.

7:51 PM - Referees announce that the play will be reviewed. They're going to look at whether or not Harrison cleared the plane for the TD, or whether he was stopped right before the goal.


7:54 PM - Ruling stands, TD! Pittsburgh XP good, 17-7 Pittsburgh to end the half. That really hurt the Cardinals. Pick-6s destroy morale, and that was a most-epic pick-6. Ken, rally your troops.

7:55 PM - Dreamworks Monsters vs. Aliens begins a 3-D ad block @ halftime. Interesting movie, mildly humorous.

7:57 PM - NFL players dance with lizards for Sobe Lifewater. "Sobelieve." Another 3-D ad. CGI-crutch'd. Meh.

7:59 PM - I'm trying to ignore Matt Millen on NBC's halftime analysis. The booth is right ... that was a nice play-call by Dick LeBeau. Pittsburgh's fake blitz showing fooled Kurt Warner entirely.

8:03 PM - "Heroes" TV show ad with NFL legends Rice, Elway, Sapp. Mildly amusing.

8:05 PM - Bruce Springsteen announces the TV crowd should "put down that Guacamole dip!" Plays "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out." Crowd goes wild!

8:09 PM - Bruce plays "Born to Run." The crowd definitely enjoys Bruce. It almost seems like Bruce is singing a little out of key ... his voice is coming up a little short at times, holding the notes.

8:12 PM - Bruce starts off with real lousy warbly voice on "Working on a Dream." A full Gospel chorus accompanies him.

8:14 PM - Bruce launches immediately into "Glory Days." Now we're getting into classics. Suddenly his voice tightens up. Was he not prepared with his new shit? I know he's not the greatest singer ever, but the start of "Working" was a bit brutal.

8:16 PM - Bruce gets a 'delay of game' penalty from a referee while talking to bandmate Steve Van Zandt, during "Glory Days." The band finishes up their big tune to a great ovation.

8:18 PM - Flames? 2010 Toyota Tundra. What's next, testing their truck with nukes? I never bought those ads about its toughness.

8:19 PM - Cheap "Negotiator" ad. Stress the cheap, in every way.

8:19 PM - ad with Carlos Boozer. "Years of dedication." Boozer's worked hard to be awesome, and so has Loose analogy for the neutral reaction.

8:20 PM - funny ad, "Laugh your ass off." Literally, the woman's ass falls off. Another lady confesses that she's had to have her ass re-attached several times. Nice in-house ad!

8:28 PM - And, the game begins again. Cardinals get the ball to start the 2nd half. First play ... Boldin gets hurt, comes off the field with a limp shoulder. Nooooot goood.

8:31 PM - Cards dodge a bullet. Madden announces Boldin's return.

8:34 PM - Warner attempts a pass, gets leveled . ... Turnover, Harrison recovers, Steelers ball! They are going to challenge this.

8:35 PM - Moon-riding in a super-charged space vehicle to "Jump Around" by House of Pain. Their tires get jacked. It's a Bridgestone ad. Their tires are so high quality, they're a theft target. Dumb, but funny.

8:37 PM - Review overturns the call on the field. It's an incomplete pass! Cardinals dodge a bullet ... Cards overturned a 2nd call! Unreal. Those things have to be beyond a doubt to overturn ... now the Cards have another challenge available to them. Now they punt it away. Field position saved.

8:39 PM - Budweiser ... Story of Clydesdale immigration to the United States. The great grandson is telling his tale. The thing I don't get is ... the voice has a Scottish accent. They emigrated from the old country decades ago. Foreign accent, really?

8:40 PM - Disney's re-make of "Race to Witch Mountain," with The Rock. I wasn't impressed with his role in a previous family film, "The Game Plan. I sure hope this one's better ... Hollywood won't keep hiring him if his films stink.

8:41 PM - Cuba Gooding Jr. sighting, courtesy of NBC. He's at the game. They tied in his "Jerry Maguire" role as an AZ Cardinal. I'm surprised they didn't tie Hanes into it.

8:45 PM - Karlos Dansby gets called for a major penalty ... roughing the passer ... gives Pitt another set of downs. Cardinals defense is absolutely shooting itself in the foot with penalties.

8:48 PM - Cardinals defense is getting torched. Pittsburgh's doing a great job of moving the chains, all the way down to first and goal ... nice mix of rush and pass.

8:52 PM - 4th and goal, FG good, up 3 more by Pitt, but .... Adrian Wilson fucked this game up big time. Roughing penalty, running into the holder .... gives Pittsburgh another 4 downs. Ridiculous penalty.

8:54 PM - Unreal! Arizona stopped Pittsburgh ... Gabe Watson hangs up Ben Roethlisberger's scramble to bring 4th and goal ... again!

8:55 PM - Short chip-shot FG by Pittsburgh is good the 2nd time around .... Pittsburgh is up 20-7 with just a little time left to go in the 3rd.

8:56 PM - "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" movie trailer. CGI Wankfest. No thanks.

8:57 PM - brings a funny ad about hell at work. Dreaming of punching small animals ... man, if a job does that to a person, they should definitely seek new work. Nice ad! They got the better of the employment service industry ads.

8:58 PM - Coca-Cola ad, insects steal a guy's Coke, while a ladybug rides the Coke. "Peter and the Wolf" plays in the background. "Open Happiness." Nice artsy-fartsy ad.

9:03 PM - Unremarkable Cardinals drive. NBC halts it in mid-drive for TV spots, desperately wanting the break. Abrupt!

9:04 PM - superad winner - Usama Young, "Now I'm in the Super Bowl" ad. Cheap joke at the end with Usama's "Believe in Now" story in tow. Meh. I believe now I'll go on to the next ad.

9:05 PM - John Turturro ad for Heineken. Something about making a name with the beer. Pretty unremarkable, which is sad because John Turturro is awesome. Damn, these ads have been poor quality.

9:08 PM - Cards drive fails, and they punt, with just under 14 minutes to go in the game. Arizona doesn't look like they have any power to get back in the game.

9:14 PM - The Darnell Dockett show! Dockett just capped off a huge defensive push with a sack to get the Steelers to punt. It's one of the few things Arizona is doing right on defense, as of late.

9:15 PM - Ah, finally, a Hyundai ad that makes sense for them.'s return policy on their vehicles ... if you lose your job, or otherwise cannot pay, just return the vehicle to Hyundai

9:16 PM - Funny Coke Zero ad with Troy Polamalu. A play on Mean Joe Greene's Coke ad from years ago ... guys steal his Coke Zero, he gets it back, and he rips off the shirt of one of the guys, and tosses it to the kid. Awesome!

9:16 PM - Ed McMahon headlines a hilarious ad filled with celebs trading in gold for money ... wow, I've never heard of Cash4Gold group before this. They definitely got noticed. Where the hell did they come from?!? Good ad.

9:20 PM - Cards are making a fast offensive push ... 77 yards in under 3 minutes ... 1st and goal, and they're knocking at the door of this game, asking back in.

9:21 PM - Vizio ad - "Where Vision Meets Value." Nice ad by the major Super Bowl sponsor, highlighting the affordability of their TVs. Price-plus, and they're not joking ... their TVs are really affordable ... I just got one of their TVs, LCD, 22 inch, 1080p, for under 300 bucks.

9:22 PM - GE ad using the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz ... highlighting their "Imagination at Work" slogan. Decent, but unremarkable.

9:24 PM - Larry Fitzgerald makes a tough jump ball snag over Ike Taylor for a Cardinals touchdown! XP good, 7:33 to go in the game, 20-14, Pittsburgh.

9:25 PM - Alec Baldwin, 'TV star' ... "TV only 'softens' the brain." ad ... highlights the ability to watch free episodes of NBC-related material on their service. That was a ridiculous yet humorous sinister alien twist, detailing Hulu's plans to destroy mankind. Nice.

9:30 PM - Pittsburgh fails to do damage. Drive ends, they punt. Cards D is gaining steam.

9:31 PM - Another GE "ecomagination" ad ... capturing wind technology. Again, decent, but unremarkable.

9:31 PM - MACGRUBER! "Saturday Night Live" recurring character skit, a parody of the 80s hit TV show, "MacGyver" ... lol, MacGruber had his name changed to "PepSuber." Flashes his new name as the bomb goes off! Pepsi FINALLY got a hilarious dumb ad to work. Your night wasn't a total failure. That ruled. :D

9:36 PM - Troy Polamalu almost ends a promising Cardinals drive with a near-interception. Arizona can't afford a mistake like that ... there's only 3:43 left.

9:38 PM - Kurt Warner shitty pass. Good pass rush by Woodley. Big stop by Pittsburgh. AZ punts ... ball downed at Pitt's 2-yard line! FLAG! Oh my god ... James Harrison roughing penalty, after the play! Wow, what a dumbass. He was punching him while the play was going on!!! I can't fucking believe they didn't give that back to Arizona! I guess they had already punted it, meaning the possession was changed, so it could have been much worse.

9:41 PM - Wow. Willie Parker almost got a safety on 2nd down. The long down rush failed miserably. Close shave ... 2 points and a turnover avoided. Lucky lucky shave for the Steelers. Cards would have capitalized if LaBoy wasn't the defender on him. Travis is a passing down specialist ... he's not too strong. Parker ALMOST didn't get out of the end zone.

9:43 PM - Unreal. Pittsburgh converted the long first down ... and then ... PENALTY!!! Hartwig held on the play ... fucked his team hard on that penalty. Holding in the end zone is a SAFETY!!! 2 points to Arizona, and possession on the punt! 20-16, Pittsburgh, 2:58 to play. That was the first safety logged in a Super Bowl since SB 25, according to Al Michaels.

9:45 PM - 2:53 to go. AZ starts their drive. They have to score on this drive, or Pittsburgh likely grinds out the remainder to finish the game.

9:46 PM - OH MY FUCKING GOD. Warner hit Larry Fitzgerald right before the 50-yard line on a medium strike, and Larry runs it all the way back!!!! Touchdown Cardinals! XP GOOD! AZ is up 23-20 with 2:37 to go!

9:49 PM - Steelers take over on their 22 yard line. They have plenty of time, 2:30, to turn this game back around on AZ. If AZ did anything wrong, they scored too soon, but really, in a game like this, every point is necessary, so for once, Cardinals fans should probably hope their D can shut Pittsburgh down here.

9:51 PM - Dead of winter, guy holding Bud Light Lime 6-pack brings "A Summer State of Mind." Unremarkable niche brand ad from the beer giant.

9:52 PM - Another stupid short web hosting ad. They really jumped the shark this year. Unoriginal.

9:53 PM - Major clutch 1st down ... Ben converted the pass on 3rd and 6, but the time's running out on them ... Pittsburgh is not getting out of bounds on this 2-minute drive. Clock stopped with 1:02 to go, 2nd and 6, Pitt timeout, on AZ's 46.

9:56 PM - HUGE pass gain by Santonio Holmes! Ben converts the first, and Holmes races down to Arizona's goal, for a 1st and goal ... timeout called, 49 seconds left. Holmes ... 8 for 125 yards, he has come up huge.

9:57 PM - Next play, Ben overthrows Holmes on an end zone lob. Dude was open, and it went through his hands, but Holmes had to get up too high, which is why he bobbled it, on his fingertips.

9:58 PM - INSANE!!!!!!!! Holmes miracle catch, both feet down???? Touchdown Steelers!!!! Ben beat 3 AZ defenders, and he put it right in the right place. My guess is it's a TD with 35 seconds to go.

10:00 PM - NBC replay shows Holmes celebrating with the football like it's a salt shaker ... shaking out the salt. Heh.

10:01 PM - Booth review ... play stands, both Holmes's feet touched in bounds. TD Steelers, 35 seconds to go, XP Good, 27-23 Steelers!

10:03 PM - Arizona takes over with 29 seconds to go, on their 23. No way Pittsburgh covers the spread.

10:04 PM - Fitzgerald makes a huge deep catch for the 1st down, just around their 45 yard line, 22 seconds to go, AZ timeout called.

10:05 PM - AZ calls their final timeout after a quick 1st down in bounds. 15 seconds left.

10:06 PM - What? Fumble?!?!?! Bullshit. Flags on the field, Pittsburgh gets the ball, this should be a booth review. Man, that looks like he got it out of there. Tuck rule question in effect.

10:08 PM - Play stands. Pitt kneels. They win their 6th Super Bowl championship.

10:09 PM - Post-game reaction ... great 4th quarter. Sloppy game. Kurt Warner put up nice numbers, but Cardinals defense just couldn't get in the way, let alone stop the Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger didn't have a great game, but Santonio Holmes did. Ultimately, the Steelers defense did a great job, despite epic Arizona passing attack. Holmes, however, is definitely the hero, here.

10:13 PM - And, as they go to commercial, the 2008 NFL season is finally over. Nice game at the end, but a shitty season of action, overall. Thankfully, it's over.


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