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Ignorance Isn't Bliss, and a Red Dawn Remake? Really?!? [Oct. 6th, 2009|11:00 pm]
[Current Location |Detroit, MI, USA]
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Outstanding! The linked article:

'Red Dawn' film worker says items were stolen from her car in Detroit


A location scout for the new big-screen production of “Red Dawn” had her computer and other valuable work-related materials stolen from her car this afternoon in downtown Detroit.

Caitlin Ringness, a 27-year-old assistant location manager originally from Cleveland, Ohio, told the Detroit Free Press this afternoon her 2010 black Toyota Prius had its rear-view window smashed in about 2 p.m. outside the Dime Building while she was scouting an alley that will be shot for “Red Dawn” in about two weeks.

“Red Dawn,” a remake of the popular 1980s action-adventure, has been shooting around metro Detroit since early September.

Ringness said her black Swiss Gear backpack that was holding her Macbook laptop, two external hard drives, her Sprint wireless card and a ton of other notes and receipts related to this film project and others were taken. She said she was away from her vehicle for only about 15 minutes. The unidentified suspects didn’t take anything else, including a pack of CDs that were sitting in plain view and her purse, which was tucked under her driver’s seat.

“It’s really unfortunate this happened in a neighborhood we’re putting a lot of money into,” Ringness said of the alley off Griswold between Fort and Lafayette. "You know, it could happen anywhere. It’s just too bad that it happened right here where we’re filming.”

A film construction crew also was working right outside the Dime Building, but nobody noticed any suspects, she said. Ringness has been all around the city and the state. She’s been working on “Red Dawn” here since June and previously worked on Drew Barrymore’s film “Whip It,” which is in theaters now.

Ringness added that she contacted the Detroit Police Department and filed a report. She told the Free Press she would provide a reward if the computer and other work-related materials are returned. Ringness said anyone with information or who wants to return the materials should contact the police.

“It’s very stressful to not have this stuff needed for work right now,” Ringness said. “It does a put a bad taste in my mouth.”

Oh, my God.

Let's count the mistakes:

1. Cleveland, Ohio native
2. 2010 Black Toyota Prius
3. Macbook in plain sight
4. Remake of Red Dawn?!?

You know what leaves a bad taste in my mouth? People who lack this much common sense, driving around any urban area. All of the details scream of ignorance. I don't really believe that Ringness believes that it could happen anywhere. It appears to me that she believed it would never happen to her. She might not have been able to see it, but "ROB ME" was stamped on her forehead. If she was doing this for a few months, then it's actually a miracle this didn't happen sooner. No one really deserves misfortune for being stupid, but this is as close as it gets to earning it.

#4 is the most confusing detail. The original film capitalized off the lingering fear during the Cold War. In the original Red Dawn, the Soviet Union invaded the United States, and a small-town band of high school kids turned guerrilla terrorist on the Red Army. Since the Soviets were still a clear and present danger, the fear the film relied on to work was palpable. It also starred the late Patrick Swayze, and he did an awesome job. I watched that film a million times when I was a kid. It was riveting b-film fare, great American propaganda. Here's a clip in which the rag-tag terrorists save townies from a Soviet firing squad:

WOLVERINES!!! AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!!!!1 Wait .... what?!? America isn't the superpower?!?!?

Yeah, it's hard to believe there was a premise that relied on the Soviets to be yelling "MOTHER RUSSIA, FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!1" ... one where the American kids were told to lick Russian balls, one where we're the terrorists, where 'the man' hated us, where we were awesome ... but believe it! And it worked!

In order to make a film like this, there must be some sort of present and relevant threat to 'home' soil. The enemy must be a rival power, locked in war. The problem is, there's none of that at the moment. Present-day United States does not currently possess that possibility.

I read that it's Chinese and Russian troops this time. China, while a threat to go to war if relations deteriorate, isn't currently in that ballpark with the United States. Russia? Nah. There just isn't a clear rival right now. Terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda remotely resemble the original high-school-kid opposition more than anything else.

I wish them luck on this project, and the 'jobs' that are coming to Detroit are appreciated, but I can't really get excited about the chances of this film. I'll put it this way ... I really doubt this is going to be as awesome as Gran Torino. Of course, every film that shoots in metro-Detroit won't be Oscar-caliber, but if Hollywood wants to save some money, it should be more selective. Executives should be greenlighting better ideas than a Red Dawn remake ... but that's a whole other rant for some other time. If it works, then good for them, since it was against all odds.

As for Caitlin Ringness, I offer a weak apology, with the requirement that you understand what happened will happen in every big city. Lesson learned? I hope so.