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Rare 163rd Tie-Breaker Game, Extra Innings, Twins Win, Tigers Have Issues, Again. - Sauce1977 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Rare 163rd Tie-Breaker Game, Extra Innings, Twins Win, Tigers Have Issues, Again. [Oct. 7th, 2009|12:30 am]
[Current Location |Detroit, MI, USA]

I don't care very much when it comes to writing about Major League Baseball. I used to love it, up until 1994, when the work stoppage canceled the rest of the season, including the World Series. If the MLB had that much trouble and so much time to waste at the expense of so many fans ... then, they followed that travesty with ridiculous failures in drug-monitoring, year after year, up until now ... MLB still deserves little attention. I avoid writing about it as much as possible.

The game itself, however, is great. Greatness came tonight, in the form of a tie-breaking 163rd game. The Twins beat the Tigers, 6-5, in extra innings. Normally, these things happen in films, exactly like this. You can't make a closer finish than an end-of-season tie that needs a 1-game playoff for the division ... one that goes 12 innings, no less.

Tigers had a shot to end the game numerous times, but each time, fortune smiled on the Twins. Twins finally got the relief pitcher, Rodney, in trouble in the 12th, and one run immediately ended the game for the home team.

Congratulations to the Twins. A 17-4 finish to the season was what it took to take the division, and that's epic. They deserve the title. Unfortunately, I considered the winner of this game down 2-0 already to the Yankees, who the Twins will now face in the first leg of the MLB playoffs. The Yankees are great at everything. Twins advancing past them would be even more epic.

Tigers fans are sad pandas. They shouldn't be too sad, though. If you didn't see this coming in September, then you're a fool.

The new official state animal of Michigan.
The new official state animal of Michigan.

As for the Tigers, if you blame Leyland for Rayburn's misplayed ball in left, among the numerous things that didn't get done by the Tigers players ... the blame's misplaced. Leyland makes errors, and you can cite some dubious decisions he made down the stretch, but this game isn't part of your closing argument. The players play the game, and the Tigers were in the habit of not getting it done on the field this entire final month. When you lose to teams like Kansas City, you're begging to come up short in the end. The Twins may have atrocious pitching, but their fielding is decent, and their hitting is great. The Tigers didn't really have great fielding, and their hitting was terrible. Tigers may have solid starting pitching, but their bullpen is just average. Distractions like Miguel Cabrera's drunken domestic disturbance call didn't help him or the team. He played well today, but Miguel was in a small slump to finish the year, and this offseason, I merely suggest that he ask himself a hard question ... are his wife and kids truly beloved, or is it more on the spectrum of despise? If they're just a broad and brats to him, then do everyone a favor and stop making everyone's life miserable. You've got a little Mickey Mantle in you ... but not enough. Secure that shit, one way or the other.

Dombrowski, do Detroit a favor and get a left-handed slugger with average and power. If there's a guy like that on the market, pay him whatever. Comerica Park rewards lefty hitters, and the division features ballparks that can say the same. All decade, Detroit stocked big-right-handed bats. This has to stop. If you look at Minnesota's lineup, they're chock full of lefty-hitting options. Not enough lefties was a problem in 2006. It's 2009, Dave. The hitting stinks. Cabrera is great, but you have 8 more to fill a batting order, and one isn't enough.

Good luck to the Twins. You'll need it.