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Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays.

Whatever it is that you celebrate at this time of year, may you have some happy times.

I wonder why they never made a video game out of Santa Claus. Sure, there's been a lot of coal-worthy games, but I mean, why hasn't there been a top-notch game? Maybe I missed it, or maybe it's because I'm still half-asleep, but there hasn't been a memorable adventure game made out of Santa's mythical yearly journey across the globe, delivering gifts.

Obviously, you couldn't make a game that simulates the whole event. There's billions of people on the planet, and simulating one Christmas would take a lifetime. However, you could set it up a number of ways .... make a particular problem house from each country in which such houses are levels in the game, and you have hundreds of levels to finish if it's done that way. Or, you could make it more of a quantity-based approach in which you actually pilot the reindeer-powered sleigh through the air from country to country, landing on rooftops ... Santa disappears down chimneys or through front doors, but maybe there's like an enemy elf gang trying to steal presents from the sleigh, so you can only go in houses when they aren't around, and maybe Santa has to fight them in cutscenes. Santa with nunchuks would be badass.

Any ideas for an epic holiday game?

Surviving Christmas, the game!

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