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Tonight's Dinner: Salmonmeal [Jan. 29th, 2010|08:15 pm]
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2 cans of boneless skinless salmon (7-8 oz cans), .5 cup of rice, 5 cups of water, .33 stick of margarine, 4-5 healthy squeezes of lemon juice OR hot sauce


You can play with these ratios. The normal ratio of rice to water is 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water. Over-watering the rice makes for a longer cooking time (at least 40 minutes) and a more oatmeal-like consistency, as the rice fluffs out way more than usual. This will still be swell even if you want to make the rice with the normal ratio. Also, if you're just a medium salmon fan, try tuna, or just use 1 can of salmon. If you want super-fresh, get the salmon from the butcher, and chop it up and pre-cook it before you use it for this dish. On garnishes, you can add a pinch of salt as well, but the only thing you probably don't want to mix is the lemon with the hot sauce. One sauce is fine, and both work well with the base ingredients to liven up the meal. I've also used a small or medium-sized can of chopped tomatoes for this dish, in the past. It's your kitchen, you do what you want. Onto the directions.


Start with the rice, water, and margarine, and add 'em into a medium-sized pot. Let that brew up to a boil, on your stove's 'high' setting. Once the mix gets real fierce with the bubbles, turn it down to a medium-high or a medium, depending on the bad-assness of your stove. The only thing you're trying to avoid is spilling out the water onto your stove, which will happen if you leave it on high. You can cover the pot if you wish, just make sure there's some sort of vent on the cover, or put the cover hanging slightly to one side of the pot, leaving the vent on the other side. I didn't cover it. No cover means that it'll just take longer. From this point, mark on your timer a good 5-10 minutes, and let the stuff cook. I did 5 minutes on my timer. When the timer chimes, open up the salmon, and dump it in. Usually, cans of fish tend to be a cylinder clump, like cat or dog food. The meat's been processed, in other words, so you need to spoon it out of the cans in smaller clumps. Once you add the smaller clumps of fish into the mix, go get your preferred sauce, and squeeze about 4-5 shots of it into the pot. Now, it's a waiting game. The excess water needs to stop being a soup and at least get to an oatmeal-like paste. With the extra-water ratio, you're looking at least 40 minutes time if you did exactly what I did for ingredients and ratios. 20 minutes into the wait, you could add more sauce if you'd like, but it's not necessary. All you're looking for is for most of the water to disappear into a mush, and then it's ready. Voilà, salmonmeal!

Parting thoughts

This served 2 people with more than enough of the dish to eat. The other person got creative and put the meal in a leftover wheat hot dog bun, kind of like a sloppy joe dog but with rice and salmon. That looked cool, so I might try that next time.

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