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Random Dialog: dadxer & sauce1977. [May. 21st, 2010|12:36 pm]
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This is what you're missing because you don't talk to me on AIM or use your LiveJournal account, fuckers.

dadxer: Fuck being tired sucks
sauce1977: you shouldn't be having sex with bears until 6 am, dadxer
sauce1977: better wrap it up by 2
dadxer: Haha I wrapped up my bear hunting at around 1
dadxer: But insomnia sucks
sauce1977: it shore does
sauce1977: i cleaned up a few livejournal friends i noticed were dead since 2007
sauce1977: you're lucky i didn't bahleet you dadxer
dadxer: Was I dead since 2007?
sauce1977: l-u-c-k-y
sauce1977: no, lol
sauce1977: i was tempted to defriend u to see if you'd notice
dadxer: I probably wouldn't have noticed
sauce1977: i kno, but ellie noticed
sauce1977: i nudgded her today
sauce1977: dadxer: ellie?
sauce1977: yeah she's that giants fan that was always around nflfans
dadxer: Sounds familiar
dadxer: Haha
dadxer: I never use LJ anymore
dadxer: Except for NFLfans
sauce1977: but do you use anything else
sauce1977: because i'd never use faceAIDS or twatter
dadxer: I do use faceAIDS
dadxer: But not that much either
sauce1977: i couldn't be bothered to read 1 sentence
sauce1977: i'd also end up habitually telling people "you're boring" on their pages
sauce1977: and getting suspended and ip banned
dadxer: lolol
sauce1977: i want to read painful paragraphs about their shitty boring days, not one sentence
sauce1977: if they don't feel important enough to do that, then 1 sentence won't matter, either
sauce1977: they might as well kill themselves, since the world won't ever read their faceAIDS page when they die
sauce1977: unless they died weirdly
sauce1977: like got fucked to death by a horse
sauce1977: or set themselves on fire becauuse they couldn't have a cookie
dadxer: Haha
sauce1977: i know that i read my friends page religiously
sauce1977: every day, for 6 years
sauce1977: practically every day
sauce1977: it''s more read than a newspaper
sauce1977: i demand personal stories of pants being shat, people being bullshitted, shit being thrown, ass being sat
dadxer: Haha
dadxer: I never have anything to post about anything though
dadxer: And anything that usually needs to be said I'll just tell you straight up
dadxer: Like
dadxer: LJ update
sauce1977: yeah i mean good shit i'd copy to the lj page
sauce1977: aim's diffferent, nobody wants to read dialog (or do they?)
dadxer: Fuck that
dadxer: I'm all about dialog
sauce1977: so if i copied this aim thingy and pasted it to my lj page
sauce1977: would that count as some sort of bullshit update
dadxer: Yes
dadxer: You're bullshit
sauce1977: you're bullshit!
sauce1977: we're the biggest bullshitters we know
sauce1977: and, print

The art of a diary is not dead.

I will now link you one of my favorite rambling passages. Here. It was done by Sean Landers, a person who appeared at the back of Spin Magazine, often with a screed accompanied with some sort of painting that framed the message. That Sean Landers blip remains words to live by, musicians. Get to it. And you bloggers, get blogging. I like to read about things. Don't tell me you're not special. I know we're not special.

Fuck Twatter and FaceAIDS. If you're not important enough to write an entry about you taking a shit or getting shortchanged by the 7-11 cashier, not even a YouTube thingy or a nice lil' picture, then, hey, nobody cares about your status update, your vanity page, or your 1 sentence nonsense, either.

My friends list got a little thinner. I hadn't noticed that some people apparently made their last entry over 3 years ago. If you're not there, then it's nothing personal. I have dearest friends irl who are almost non-existent on the internet. Life is weird.

Behind some narrow door in all of your favorite bars, in some AIM conversation, or on LJ, sauce1977 is getting incredible kicks from things you'll never know.


[User Picture]From: smkndawonderful
2010-05-27 03:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading my "bullshit" sauce. :)
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[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2010-05-27 03:49 pm (UTC)
You're welcome.
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