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Video Games: Godfather 2 (2009, Xbox 360) - Sauce1977 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Video Games: Godfather 2 (2009, Xbox 360) [Jun. 10th, 2010|05:15 pm]
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Man, this game sucked worse than Red Dead.

It's a shame, too, since I liked the original Godfather game enough to buy it twice (original release on Xbox, bought it used, bought it used again on the 360, re-release for the gamer points). In the Godfather game, EA wrote in a low-level thug into the story, and you rise up in the Corleone ranks as you perform tasks for the family ripped right from the amazing film. It's hard to fuck up a Godfather game, really. You just stick to the story, since it's gold. And that's what EA did, and it was a great game.

Then, EA decided it was gonna get creative. Bad move.

It's only business? More like, it's only bullshit.

The "Don's View" is a distracting mess, despite its ridiculous simplicity. You get a pause map of whatever area you are running around (one of three, Miami, NYC, and Havana). On that map is a list of your businesses, rival businesses, targets for hits, and more useful information. The problem is that it's not realistic enough. Rival family hits one of your strip joints? You know about it, immediately. Apparently they have cell phones and data-imaging and real-time everything in the 1960s. So, you go into Don's View, click on the business, and send your family's made men to defend the site. Are you in Cuba? Is the attack in New York? Doesn't matter, fuhgeddaboudit. Apparently they had Star Trek teleporters in the 1960s, too, because as soon as you click "send," BAM, they're there! Lame.

In addition to the poorly-conceived "Don's View," there's the too-easy gameplay. I pwned this game in approximately 16 gaming hours. The previous game felt like it took a lot longer than that. The maps are too small ... NY's a joke, it's like 1/10th the size of the earlier game, just the area around the Corleone compound. You can take over any business, no problem. Just bum-rush 'em with a full team. Doesn't matter if it's the family from Cuba or the First couple NY families, they're all super-easy by the time you're sent to hit 'em. When you get to Havana and start busting them for their bread, you got bad-ass weapons that shoot bullets that are on fire. Yeah, they scorch the walls they hit too ... awesome! Psyche. Completely useless. Nice shitty fire graphics but, just higher-power guns woulda been fine. They probably slaved for days on those extra graphics.

The add-ons are completely unnecessary, so don't get them. They helped in the original Godfather game, plus you could get an extra 250 gamer points for completing the extra Corleone Challenges. I guess they replaced those fun Corleone Challenges with ... multi-player. The multi-player in this 2nd version? I never played it. Thank the heavens! The game was such shit, I woulda skipped it anyway. You can improve your underbosses by taking them into battle online, but I didn't need that to wipe out all the families, I just did that in single player.

Oh, and Michael Corleone doesn't look or sound very much like Al Pacino, but whatever. The whole game reeks of shitty models, waxy skin, and shitty voice-acting (sans Duvall's work as Tom Hagen, the poor bastard got roped into voice acting for this trash). There's no black people in this game. No asians, either. If there were any, the ratio was like a billion whites to one. I only noticed this because sometimes the white people talked with a thick latino accent. It's a mess.

Avoid this game at all costs. I feel dirty for getting the 1000g on this game. However, I'm tempted to get this game for the 360. This Avatar game can get you a full 1000g in a minute or so. Just keep hitting the B button. If I do this, then I cross over to the dark side ... a true achievement whore. Right now, I'm just tippy-toeing on the line.