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"Detroit 1-8-7" (2010) (TV) - Sauce1977 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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"Detroit 1-8-7" (2010) (TV) [Sep. 22nd, 2010|12:47 am]
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I was shocked.

"Detroit 1-8-7" featured a really good pilot episode. Nice twist at the end, too.

Michael Imperioli stars in this cop drama set in my hometown. Michael's not a stranger to ABC, he was a supporting character in "Life on Mars," the BBC-remake sci-fi cop drama that aired for 1 season in 2008-2009. ABC kills shows in a Fox-like way, but it doesn't get the Fox notoriety for being a show-killer. "Life on Mars" started off great, they pit it against winners, it didn't get the ratings, and they kept messing with time slots and story changes, and it was DOA by April. I'm hoping ABC doesn't fuck this one up like they usually do, but I am already prepared for the eventual meddling and plug-pulling.

Michael Imperioli.
Michael Imperioli stars as Detective Louis Fitch in this new cop drama.

So yeah, the story was solid. They introduced all the main cast members, set up two cases, connected them, shit got tense, problem resolved. And a twist! Sounds pretty tame and unoriginal, but some of the stuff they did in the show was pretty unique. I laughed in parts I didn't expect to find comedy. They did a good job with the jokes.

Imperioli's character is the most-detailed. Fitch a bit of a supercop, but this is his show, so he's got to have some sort of extraordinary ability. His is not of the physical variety of superpower. He's more of a subdued, but extreme presence, very charismatic, results-oriented, creative deliveries, gets confessions, gets the job done. If you fuck with that order, he has very little time for your bullshit. Serious fucking business, with some nice humor sprinkled in ... he kept calling his inexperienced partner right in front of him, using the phone as a complaint line on the various errors he committed during his first day. There's a lot of potential with Detective Louis Fitch. I like Imperioli's character, a lot.

I really didn't tune in for the Detroit landmarks they sprinkled during the cut-scenes coming back from commercials, but I was amused by places they filmed, one of which made me laugh. The People Mover is a useless piece of shit, but they made it look useful. In the beginning, they dined in one scene at American Coney Island, downtown. You couldn't tell that the majority of the pilot was shot in Atlanta.

The production values appear high. They used Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground." Also, I'm fairly certain I remember hearing Imperioli's partner, Detective Damon Washington (Jon Michael Hill)'s custom ringtone set to The Supremes' "Baby Love." I might have also heard Jay-Z on a chase scene. They spent some bills on this show. It looks fantastic.

In sum, I liked it. I'm probably biased. The story was good, though, so give it your own shot, if you're looking for something new.

Ratings Update:

According to the Freep, "1-8-7" drew 2nd place on the night, with a debut audience of 9.7 million viewers, nation-wide. CBS's "NCIS: LA" had 15.7 million national viewers, and NBC's "Parenthood" drew only 5.9 million.

Locally, "1-8-7" outdrew the 6th game of the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals. That game drew 28.2 and a 42 share in Detroit. "1-8-7" beasted, drawing 30.6, meaning almost half (47 share) of metro Detroit televisions tuned into the pilot episode.

I figure less Detroiters will tune in next week, and the show should settle into a 2nd-place finish each week. ABC seemed pleased with the pilot's ratings, and if the show settles into a 7-8 million national audience, then it will probably be picked up for the rest of the season, with a good chance of renewal.

Downtown Detroit skyline, at night.
Downtown Detroit skyline, at night.