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I could give you 34 reasons why it's awesome that I'm still alive, but instead, I'll highlight Jean-Claude Van Damme.

JCVD, on his role as an extra in Breakin':

That's a funny story. I went with a friend—we traveled together from Belgium. So it was a hard road, you know; for years, I didn't have any money. I came to the U.S., staying in a car, moving from place to place. Kinda hard, but exciting too. When they gave me a chance to be in Breakdance [the international title of Breakin'], I was only an extra. But to me at the time, a movie was a movie. I didn't know the difference between medium, high, and low budget. So I was trying to win the scene: I was behind the lead actor in the group, and I was jumping as high as I could, and doing a flip in the air. But of course they cut that, because I was eating the screen with that fantastic jump.

I was twentysomething years old, right? So when I shot Bloodsport later at [Breakin' distributor] Cannon, I was in the cutting room doing my best to make the best movie possible. I did go and search for all the Breakdance exit scenes—you know, when you cut a movie, you got all the scenes that are pulled out of the film. I saw those jumps, and it looked like a rabbit was trying to take so much attention away from the camera. Jumping behind the people who are standing up. You see a guy going "BOING! BOING! BOING!" in the air. It was so funny. I wish I could have those excerpts.

I haven't actually seen Breakin', but I've seen clips of Van Damme's role as an extra many times, and they still give me the chuckles. So here's Jean-Claude in action ...


This birthday boy recommends Timecop as a diversion, if you are looking for something sci-fi/action. Van Damme plays a .... time, uh, cop. There's plenty of stopping bad guys from doing horrible shit in the past to change the future. I have a minor beef with their concept of how changes in time aren't consistent for every character (most notably, Van Damme's Max Walker, but overall, it's a more enjoyable film than the IMDB rating suggests.

Anyway, happy birthday to me.

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