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Stevie Nicks - Blue Lamp [Sep. 8th, 2011|04:31 am]
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[Special Music |Stevie Nicks - Blue Lamp]

This song comes from the excellent Heavy Metal film soundtrack. Heavy Metal is a favorite animated film of mine, as well. Of Stevie's catalog, this is one of my favorite Stevie Nicks songs. Here's a little bit more about the Blue Lamp.

The Blue Lamp is one of my very favorite songs. Blue Lamp was written about a blue lamp that my mother gave me when I first joined Fleetwood Mac. [A] very heavy leaded glass lamp that I carried on an airplane home with a friend of mine, she carried the base and I carried the shade, home to L.A. And we were really afraid it was going to get broken because it was this, you know, leaded glass lamp. They didn't want us to take it on the plane cause it was too big. Well, we got it on the plane, by screaming and yelling and crying. So that is the lamp that I carried from my mother's home. And it became and has remained my favorite possesion. It is the one thing that never changes. It is without a doubt the only light that shines through the shining night much of the time for me.

Stevie Nicks, WLIR interview, 1981

Stevie's blue lamp reminds me of Linus's security blanket, from the Peanuts comic strip