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Hell of a Series: NY vs Detroit, MLB Playoffs.

Tigers eliminated the Yankees, AGAIN! 2nd series like this in recent history ... Tigers up 2-0 on Yankees in this new century.

It took 5 games, but Detroit outlasted the Yankees bats. Put them to shame, actually ... Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and Nick Swisher didn't do a hell of a lot during the series. Granderson was just slightly under his usual production from the regular season, but he was amazing in the field, despite his one bobble of a single early in tonight's game. The real Tiger killers were Robinson Cano, Jorge Posada, and Brett Gardner, but when 2 of your 5 big boys plays to expectation, then you have problems. Posada and Gardner weren't counted on by NY to do the heavy lifting.

Detroit's pitchers shat the bed in Game 1 and 4, but their solid pitching in the 3 wins outweighs the blemishes. Jose Valverde and Max Scherzer pitched very well for the Tigers during this series. Doug Fister had a good start tonight, which makes up for the awful outing he had in Game 1. Detroit's best hitters, Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez, were mostly silent this series, but it was unlikely players like Delmon Young, Don Kelly, and Magglio Ordonez who lifted up the team. Yankees pitchers really didn't impress. When Brandon Inge goes 3 for 7 off your staff, it's safe to say that your pitching stunk.

Jim Leyland talks to press before Game 5.

I think anyone, myself included, should drop criticism of Jim Leyland. He's made some aggravating moves during his time in Detroit, but Leyland's decision to put Scherzer in relief was both self-aware (Tigers relievers were shitting the bed in previous games) and effective. Leyland doesn't play well to fans like Sparky Anderson did, but he's one of the better managers in the MLB.

I honestly didn't expect Detroit to advance. I'm pleasantly surprised. Good luck Tigers. It's already been an entertaining playoffs. I hope more good games are on the way.
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