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Re: Obama Dog Joke [Apr. 29th, 2012|03:15 pm]
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I laughed. If you like stand-up at all, you really need to watch that whole White House Correspondents Dinner. President Obama rattles a few good jokes. Jimmy Kimmel addresses the crowd and slays some more dragons. It was magical. I think that Obama is the most human president in some time. Definitely more lively than Reagan, but I haven't observed that level of humanity since I watched some John F. Kennedy clips.

On this pit bull joke ... I'm glad there's someone out there who would never consider Sarah Palin.

I'm seeing a lot of backlash around the internets, mostly from GOP supporters. The best joke they have is "he never told the biggest joke, the one about his record on the economy."

The rest of it is a bunch of people who are dying for some more dishes of Jim Crow.

And do not take my ire at said people as a dig against America. We come from everywhere in the world. We learned it from watching youuuuuu.