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First US Presidential Debate: I Want My 1.5 Hours Back. [Oct. 4th, 2012|01:17 am]
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I watched it on Xbox Live, since they will give out free shit for my avatar if I tune in for 3 of the 4 debates.

The President had nothing new to say, which was a problem because he kept laying down his plans, of which everyone should already know quite well. Mitt Romney couldn't explain how he was going to fund his plans, sticking to a state's rights anti-big-gov message and an ongoing critique of the President's plans. Lehrer, the moderator, did the worst job of all, letting them run on and on with their boring rhetoric.

The mod should have taken a page from Dr. Evil:

When a problem comes along, you must ZIP-IT.
ZIP-IT good.

I'm still going to watch the next two debates, despite the fact that they will probably resemble this one ... boring as shit.

Many people acted quite surprised that Obama didn't call Mitt to task on his 47% comment. I personally don't care; Mitt already had a chance to explain what he may have meant, but instead, he doubled down on his conviction. That ship's already sailed.

Ultimately, I think the media loves that Obama wanted no part of a punching match, because it plays into what they desperately crave: a barn-burner election, signifying a race to the very end. If big media finds out that the race has already been decided, in most peoples' minds, then they lose big time, since nobody will watch, and their traffic will plummet.