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Last Debate: TL;DR [Oct. 23rd, 2012|12:46 am]
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So, I watched the NLCS Game 7 and Monday Night Football instead. Congrats to the San Francisco Giants. Coming back from 3-1 in that series, that is impressive. Boo Lions, you bums are back to business as usual.

I'm about to half-take-in a replay of the 4th debate on CNN. I'd be very surprised if a sitting US executive could not handle a debate on foreign policy. And we all know what Mitt really will do. More money to defense contractors ... more antagonism of Middle East countries. More reasons for the defense contracts ... more dead soldiers.

News flash. If you are an American, and you care about the Libya attack and the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, beyond the mourning of the loss of another American overseas, then you're beating drums. Stop behaving like an asshole.

Osama bin Laden is dead, and there is no hope for a massive organized insurgency against the United States in or from the Middle East. There will always be new militants, and there will always be a powerful US Armed Forces waiting for the last word, should it become necessary. Outside of a limited world police, the US has absolutely no business manipulating countries in the region.

The best part about tonight is that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are sad, sad pandas. Please to be giving almost 0 fucks about the World Series, while reminding us about the Cardinals championship as much as humanly possible. The rest of the world will give 0 fucks about last year's champion, while hoping that this World Series will be entertaining. May the best team win.