Sauce1977 (sauce1977) wrote,

By the Way, This Happened Today.

So yeah, Disney rolled up and just bought Lucasfilm, and now there's a new Star Wars film set for 2015.

First reaction to all of this news? I wrote this to a couple friends.

Disney is flying fast and furious directly toward the most bloated franchise corpse of all time in order to lay the most gigantic maggot crop ever witnessed by human kind. Eat your white nerd hearts out, Hairy Potterz and Hobbitzes.

Judging by the furious flaying that is happening on every message board ... fanpeeps and haters, leftists and rightists, cats and dogs ... tearing the flesh off each other in a blind frenzy ... I predict a trillion dollars in loot no matter what the quality.

My personal prediction of the quality?

Goofy in a Vader Helmet.
Tags: franchise, movies, star wars

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