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Ten Years on LiveJournal. [Mar. 24th, 2013|12:30 am]
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It's a few years longer than I thought LiveJournal would last. It's definitely longer than I thought I'd keep this blog. Here it sits, a holy diver of blogs, unending post after post.

I think I'll keep it going, since it's been an oft-used star of the masquerade.

Here's to jumpin' on the tiger some more.

int foo() {
return foo();

Long time in internet years.


[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2013-03-26 12:08 pm (UTC)

Re: Eat the Rich (Pt. 2)

Also, as of late, I think in September of last year, multiple news outlets covered just how much Bush knew about what Osama was planning to do ... his administration had more than minor details about the attack, is the long and short of that news report. So if there was any kind of inside job, maybe they're getting it from the fact that his administration had better details on what Osama was planning in the summer of '01, but to me that just reads like gross negligence more than actual conspiracy.

Of which, gross negligence isn't hard to believe. Younger President Bush really had more than a few of those moments in various arenas, during his run.

'Illuminati' is just one of those jargon words tossed around along with 'secret society' and 'new world order.' They all mean powerful rich folks getting together to pull the puppet strings on the world, more or less.

I'm not sure if films like Zeitgeist are too much for people to handle, at least, not anymore. People are, in a majority, really simple folks, and they can get lost and misunderstand lofty documentaries like this one rather easily (after all, these tend to be the same people who worship Christ, who preached forgiveness and tolerance, while condemning homosexuality and showing gross intolerance for anyone different from them). I do think, however, that if you write off the perpetual unwashed masses who don't get films like Zeitgeist and everything else for that matter ... the ones like you and me and anyone else who takes notice of the details, anyone who can critically think among that minority ... I think people are more prepared to handle 'the truth' / heavier ideas, more so than ever before.

You could take the solution of not breeding as a response to perceived evil elites controlling our every desire to rebel or dissent, but I think a better solution would be to breed smarter people. That solution isn't going very well in the US, at least ... our school systems are more disorganized than ever, pumping out less-than-stellar graduates in a large majority. There's so many fluffed degrees out there that it kind of makes everything below a Master's or PhD kind of worthless, actually.

But if I had a choice to fight such diabolical controls, I'd rather have a chance to bring up a kid who got the right answers faster than I did, provided he or she was born with enough smarts to distance themselves from the mediocre majority.

You're definitely right about things getting worse for the majority in the world, especially here in the US. Incomes have stagnated over the last 15 years, while costs have roughly tripled. Buying power is definitely much lower than it was when I was a teenager. Plus the world population keeps growing, so our entire designs on everything, from water systems, production of goods, services, all those ideas were made for a much smaller population. If we're going to keep this grand species going, we're going to have to adjust things to accommodate larger population numbers, and our old happy accidents, like sending young men in droves to die in major wars every 20 years or so, well, that's not going to cut it.

It's definitely time for new ideas.
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