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GTA 5 Money Re-spawns [Sep. 23rd, 2013|02:59 pm]
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Earning money tends to be difficult for players in single-player mode in GTA V.

Considering the price tag of some properties (Golf club = $150 million), you'll need a Snickers, since it's going to be a while.

Well, this will help.

That's a 25k re-spawnable briefcase, under the sea, near Los Santos.

There's also a 12k re-spawnable at Paleto Bay.

The videos show you how to get the money to re-spawn, plus how you can get the money to accumulate as quickly as possible.

From experience, the 12k re-spawn nets you approximately $1 million per hour. The 25k case I perfected to earning about $1 million every 11 minutes. The trick is to position a 2nd character on the beach, as close to but not right on top the farming character as you can. The reason being is that the 2nd character in semi-close proximity cuts down significantly on the time it takes in the transition screen. Additionally, the beach doesn't have nearly as many spawns for the console to render, so the zoom-in processes speed up as well.

Since these were found, there have been a bunch of other re-spawn money briefcases found all over the map ... someone I talked to today found one on the eastern coast down more toward Los Santos that was a 20k case.

As this game gets older, more secrets will probably come to light, but for now, these are the best chances to make a lot of loot in a very little amount of time in GTA V.

[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2013-10-03 09:43 pm (UTC)

EDIT: Money Farming Was Patched.

Well, Rockstar did another shitty thing with this game ... for the release of GTAO, they patched the single player version so the money stops respawning every time you switch characters and back. Nicely done, Rockstar, you fucked up the easiest way to make money in this game. Fun? Nah, don't want any of that.

Kudos to the people for finding it and exploiting it while they did. GTA isn't GTA anymore. It's dead.
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