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Sauce's 2013, in Review. [Dec. 29th, 2013|06:19 pm]

This wasn't a great year for my family.

We first lost a beloved in-law, my cousin-in-law's mother, to cancer. And that was bad enough.

Then we lost a beloved uncle, who was just about to retire, in the spring. That pretty much colored the rest of the year, for when you lose someone dear, it's not really a year you'd like to hold dear.

My wife and I had a decent 1st year of marriage, so there's a positive, but we figured we would, since we had dated for about 10 freaking years prior to making it official. I always told her, it's like we're already married. Minus the ring and the legal documents, I wasn't wrong!

Our 1st anniversary was spent visiting her relatives in Syracuse. We also took in a nice night with Sutton Foster, a broadway star, performing various hits both from the stage and her own work. My wife was remote friends with her before she got famous, so we were able to get backstage and hang out for a couple minutes before we went out to dinner. That was a nice night, one I'll never forget.

I still have back problems, that never goes away. But I have insurance now, and it's been a slow and long process. Still, there is progress now, where there wasn't for many years.

I wanted to keep in touch with my IRL friends more than I did, but as we get older, more obligations keep us from doing what we'd rather be doing. I need to change that for next year.

In the world of games, GTA 5 was a horrible disappointment. I'm not wrong when I say that Rockstar is the Michael Bay of game-makers. But I continue to love Tropico 4 and Civilization 5, and I've grown much fonder of the competing crime-sandbox game to GTA, that being Saints Row. I have yet to play SR4, but I played the 3rd, and I liked it enough to eventually get 4 when it drops considerably in price (and when they're done releasing the massive amount of bullshit DLC that they've been releasing as of late, for both 3 and 4).

I hope your year that was wasn't terrible, and I hope that your year to come is better.