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Let Me Tell You Why the Worst SB Ad of Them All ... Is. - Sauce1977 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Let Me Tell You Why the Worst SB Ad of Them All ... Is. [Feb. 2nd, 2014|09:44 pm]
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Chrysler's Bob Dylan Ad approaches dangerous levels of nonsense in its message.

Let's go over some key points in why this is a most terrible Super Bowl ad, all-time:

  1. Bob Dylan selling anything for Corporate International is a full sellout of his entire life.

  2. Chrysler is an Italian company. They're owned by Fiat.

  3. Supporting bullshit is revisionist history. At the 36 second mark, Bob claims that what Detroit did was a "first, and became an inspiration to the rest of the world," and we see a shot of an Autobahn sign during that part of the ad.

  4. (First point related to Point 3) Automobiles were not first made in America. Benz created the first true auto, in Germany.

  5. (Second point related to Point 3) Eisenhower's stellar Interstate push was an improvement upon what he first marveled at with Hitler's Autobahn.

  6. So much irony shines in an Italian company trumpeting American Nationalism ... since Eisenhower was the one who oversaw the toppling of Mussolini's Italy in WW2.

Thanks for that, Chrysler. You actively hurt the world, in so many ways, with that silly ad campaign, reaching an epic peak of extreme bullshit here. My desire for a Chrysler 300 has now dropped to Mariana Trench level. And I will still play Bob Dylan 60s songs, but I now officially loathe Bob beyond healthy levels.

[User Picture]From: billhelm
2014-02-04 06:24 pm (UTC)
Totally man! completely agree.

all my beer nerd friends were up in arms about "Let Germany Make Beer" when most beer innovations in the last 20 years are coming out of the US, not Germany.

Stupid ad all around.
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[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2014-02-04 10:17 pm (UTC)
I live in this "Arsenal of Democracy."

And I have a vested interest in seeing this region rebound to at least near peak 20th Century levels, as long as I am here. I am also of the opinion that the cost of the loans (and money lost on sale) to GM and Chrysler avoided the alternative, which was probably at least 33% state unemployment from a total collapse in the industry, for which thousands would have literally lost their ability to live, as well as the countless more tax dollars expended by this nation to support a state that would completely go derelict, instead of just this particular metropolitan area.

That being said, I fully agree that those companies brought every lump upon themselves, and they deserve the scorn therefrom in some smaller part than what actually took place (and is still taking place, in horrible national image, also slightly deserved, but not at the current level of average opinionated ire). But make no mistake, they earned the smacks.

However, what bothers me even more than the assault on the middle class, and the erosion of regular jobs that can afford people of average means a better life ... is when said corporate benefactors of well-deserved scorn just up and write utter bullshit like that ad.

The Eminem ad was tolerable, and I like Eminem, very much, as I am very much into hip hop and rap music genre.

I began to turn on this ad campaign when I saw Iggy Pop sporting the Chrysler vehicles. Iggy was also a Detroit/Ann Arbor music product, as part of the Stooges, a late 1960s punk band (I also enjoy music in the encompassing 'rock' genre). Iggy was fairly anti-establishment. To see him sport Chryslers for Big Auto, it's like watching, say, Henry Rollins, at an advanced age, do something like that. Maybe that guy has, I don't know, but Iggy and his punk ethos do not really belong in a shill role.

And then there's the king voice of the 20th Century American blue collar workers, Bob Dylan. Only, this is big private sector business, and Chrysler doesn't really fit his life's work, as he was also quite anti-establishment in his day. As I said, this one really put it over the top. Plus revisionist history, it was just way too freaking much to stomach.

It would be like watching Tom Morello in support of an ad for Big Oil, or Big Private Sector Anything.

I have no idea how anyone can top this level of hypocrisy. Perhaps they can snag Ralph Nader as an encore.

Edited at 2014-02-04 10:22 pm (UTC)
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