Sauce1977 (sauce1977) wrote,

Wow, New LJ Trappings ...

Holy shit the site design looks a bit different. I like it.

Took me a second to find where to login, even though it was right in front of me. But that's because I'm an old. Change one thing, and as I get longer in years, that one little thing will probably goof me up even more. Older dogs start learning fewer tricks.

Things be swell enough for me. How about you?

Posting around here was never really an issue. I just don't have a whole hell of a lot to say, in terms of frequency compared to back in the day. I'm still alive, and I still don't give a fuck about social networking. My middle finger to the concept of 'networking' in general.

But this one, this is permanent. Got in at the right time for that. Appreciate that it's still here, every day, even when I barely use it.
Tags: salsa shark, sauce1977 in carbonite, sauce1977 public service announcement, tubby bitch

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