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Steam's Summer Sale Is Here! Yay, Saints Row 4! - Sauce1977 — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Steam's Summer Sale Is Here! Yay, Saints Row 4! [Jun. 24th, 2014|04:37 pm]
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I'm currently enjoying Saints Row 4, thanks to the Franchise Pack. All of SR2, SR3, and SR4, for under 19 dollars? Nice price!

For anyone in a similar boat, I was confused as to what happens when a game pack comes with games one already owns ... basically, unless the games are Valve games, and in rare cases of a couple 3rd party publishers, you do not get extra copies of the games.

So I already had SR2 & SR3 ... which meant that I wouldn't get gift copies of the games to give to anyone else. Which imo is okay in this case, because I merely wanted SR4 plus all its DLC, of which, I wasn't likely to get it this year for less than the price Steam was running for that pack.

There was another problem with getting the pack ... it bundled a particular DLC for SR3, the "Unlockable" DLC, which I did not want. That is a DLC which gives you the spoils of making either choice at the end of that game ... plus it forces you at the beginning of new play-throughs to choose a district of Steelport to be 'taken over' ... thus eliminating parts of the story that went along with gameplay in that district.

The problem was solved on further research ... you can disable/uninstall DLC you don't want via the right-click options when you select the game in your Steam Library. So when I bought the pack, that's what I ended up doing, which means I can do another run with SR3 without dealing with the game-breaking of "Unlockable."

From what I noticed, apparently this came about (the ability to line-item disable DLC) from Skyrim, and a DLC that upped resolution on textures ... apparently, a large number of gamers couldn't run Skyrim with higher textures, and thus the DLC options were born.

Whether or not that's true, I don't know for sure, but it sure seemed that way from my keyword searches. Anyway, I'm really liking Saints Row 4, and I wish that I knew how good it was going to be last summer, since I would have paid full price for it ... instead, I got GTA 5 ... and that was such a waste of money. GTA 'jumped the shark' with 5, while Saints Row franchise seems to be moving along a much better path, comparatively.