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Dear Representatives of the Corporate Person Known by the Name of "Sears" ... - Sauce1977 — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Dear Representatives of the Corporate Person Known by the Name of "Sears" ... [Aug. 12th, 2014|11:58 pm]
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To those in the know, I have, not yet, actually accomplished my promise to become infamous and equally-stupid.

To all those involved with the special 'person' who issues your paychecks, who goes by the name of "Sears Roebuck and Company," or may get their paychecks issued by other special people in contract to provide such assistance for Ol' Sears ...

It probably is not a good idea to position yourself within striking distance of anyone from the Sauce1977 household.

Today, three of Sears's finest representatives turned down actual US cash-money from a customer expressing dire need for repair of a washer/dryer out of warranty. And one of them did so while already having called into their service center within 5 minutes of me actually being on the phone with another of their employees.

This special boy or girl in employ of field service did so, while sitting in a service van within yards of my residence. Within earshot, not more than 8 yards in distance, and while I was plainly visible to all but those who are legally blind, this field agent failed to notice the only person standing outside of the apartment complex during the middle of the day, staring at them for a couple minutes, before they drove off as the other worker on the phone relayed the information I already knew while watching the special boy or girl grow further in the distance.

After escalating the call to a supervisor who had even more of an automaton's presentation than a standard Byzantine (#4 with a capital B) call center menu does, the phone representatives of Sears Truly managed to drop the call while transferring my complaint to their dispatch.

At least three of Sears's representatives not only turn away money no matter how easily it can be given, but two of them enjoy pretending they are malfunctioning robots. And one of them enjoys an idle sit-and-fart for several minutes in front of this money-giver's home, taking their sweet time before ducking out on me, well after they decided to chuck the request.

Their decision to duck and chuck was not only done in reverse of Standard Operating Bullshit, it was done in plain view of me, and it was probably done because I committed the most unreasonable action known to these three.

I stupidly missed the confirmation call.

The confirmation call was something I take full responsibility for missing, due to the poor excuse that I gave, in which the moment before the agent called, I unfairly, and with full entitlement, ruled the prospect of soiling my pants as an unreasonable priority. I had only waited for about a couple hours for said representative to call, during a block of the entire afternoon for which I was specially scheduled for such privilege.

I promise never to bother you with my money and time again, Sears. May a Plutus have no mercy on my most wretched self.