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Civ 5 Modding, Modding Help, & Gaming. For Science! [Nov. 25th, 2014|06:00 pm]
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Dear internet friends, associates, and randoms,

Do any of you play Civilization 5? Do you have the Complete Edition of the game?

Would you like to be a test monkey?

I'm currently learning how to mod this game, since it's one of my favorite games among favorites.

I've been spending the last year and change messing with the SDK, particularly World Builder. And in that time, I've become halfway good at painting happy little trees in the form of custom maps.

The rest of my mod game is not there yet, but at this point, I need people to use my raw maps to test out the fun factor in their own ongoing campaigns to rule the Civ world.

I tend to playtest my own maps quite a bit, but more helping hands would be fantastic.

science b cool

Your play-testing would be greatly appreciated, as well as any constructive criticism you might have for me after finishing a run with the stuff. I cannot offer much in the form of compensation, but at some point, I will be organizing my work for release on Steam's Civ 5 Workshop. If you have a Steam presence, I would most definitely give you a hat-tip in the presentation page for the modded files, when I eventually put them up for public sharing on the 'shop.

I'm also open to playing some Civ 5 online. I'm not a boss at this game, but I've obtained somewhere over 90% of the Steamed Achievements, so let's just say that I'm not a total scrub.

If you're interested, leave a comment, possibly an email, and I can send you raw maps and other mods as I finish them.

It appears as if one can leave a comment off-site, via trendy places like Twitter and Facebook. So no need to get a LiveUrinal in order to contact me, in that case.

[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2014-11-25 11:17 pm (UTC)

Current Options Other Than LJ to Contact:

Seems like it should work for comments off-site in the form of Twitter, Facebook, OpenID, Google+, Mail.Ru, & VKontakte.

I speak English as my native tongue. But if you happen to speak next to none of it, I'm able to use translators to figure out what you said, and I'm not opposed to trying to do that.
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