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Not that I actually believed it . . . - Sauce1977 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Not that I actually believed it . . . [Sep. 28th, 2003|02:22 am]
[In the Moment |anxiousanxious]

However, if you saw my picks for college football, you would have noticed that I correctly picked Purdue to score more points than Notre Dame.

Not even the true freshman of Irish blood from Dublin, Ohio? could pull off any luck for the Blarney Squad.

As for my late night NFL predictions, go deep.

Jacksonville (-3.5) over Houston . . .

I take Houston. There's something about a 1st start for a slow, big, rookie QB with no solid wideout options that tells me the slightly tough Houston D will make up for any behind the scenes bickering between Carr and the offensive gurus.

Minnesota (-2.5) over San Francisco . . .

I take San Fran. I do not believe a QB with broken bones in his back or his ex-Lion backup can handle the 49ers, who were shamed last week . . . I think San Fran truly defies logic of Minnesota at home, and that's a win for SF by a Sharpie's length.

St. Louis (-10.5) over Arizona . . .

That's a hefty spread against Arizona. I know they are probably a crappier team than the Lions, but St. Louis has been quite the sucker play for their games starting with the Super Bowl shaming they suffered. Since then, it's been less than expected performances, and it's been closer in some games that should have a ten plus spread for them. I say Arizona puts up a little bit of a passing fight against that mediocre St. Louis secondary, and I take Arizona with that spread. Don't confuse this with the notion that St. Louis will lose . . . I believe it will be a win by less than 10.5 points.

Washington (-2.5) over New England . . .

I take Washington. Armstead, Player No. 56 (join the $%#!@! NFLPA Arrington) . . . that's a mean LB unit. The line for Washington will let an occasional run up the middle and a screen to the outside slip by with ease, but then you have these guys waiting for KFaulk and Antowain . . . Plus, Brady's going to test that semi-decent secondary . . . I bet Washington gets an early lead at home by 2 scores, and New England abandons that weak rushing attack for a pass fest. That's not a good idea against Washington, and I think if New England doesn't get a couple strong drives early, they're in for a shaming. Redskins should own this one, as long as Ramsey doesn't have a brain fart out there. Is Ramsey still the Skins QB? Spurrier should be able to find a way past New England.

Side Tangent on New England: When the front office decided to get Washington from Chitown in trade, and they saw the cap situation was tight . . . why did they approach Milloy, a team captain, when they could have asked Antowain 2.5 yards per carry to half his salary . . . Buffalo thanks you for NE front office stupidity . . . and so does Washington, who can now pass with some sigh of relief this Sunday.

Pittsburgh (-3.5) over Tennessee . . .

I pick Tennessee. McNair and Culpepper are two tough QBs, they'll play through most any injury . . . however, it's not going to be McNair that carries this victory. It will be Rolle and the Tennessee tight D, which should be able to muster a stifling performance for at least one of the two great Pitt wideouts. I'm guessing Ward won't be totally skunked, but Burress might have some difficulty . . . regardless, I'm guessing this one's a close game, and Tennessee does better in clutch situations, I feel, on gut instinct.

Kansas City (-3.5) over Baltimore . . .

I pick Kansas City. You'd think a team with Ray Lewis would shut down the running game of most teams, but good RBs seem to find a way past that mediocre line. This ain't your Ravens of 2000. KC's on a roll, but I believe that Priest will do damage and open up Baltimore's D for some consequence . . .

Buffalo (-3.5) over Philadelphia

I pick Buffalo. Of the picks this week, this seems a no-brainer. I'm not too concerned of Travis Henry's ailments . . . if Henry was 100% then this is truly a lock pick, but the point spread would be higher.

Everyone thought Philly would go nuts this year, but in the offseason, they picked up ex-Lion coach Marty "Twisting in the Wind" Morninwheg. This man has potential to be an NFL albatross . . . could this be the reason McNabb is for shit? The game, I feel, has been decided by the crippling injuries to Philly's D. That pass rush is not so tough, nor is the run stop, but certainly Bledsoe should bust a pass or two to hurt Philly . . . Buffalo's D is the strong surprise of the year. It's a sure thing, but watch me be farther from the truth. I still say the intangibles weigh heavily for Buffalo, at home, against a limping Philly D. If Philly wins, chalk up some brownie points to Andy Reid.

Carolina (-6.5) over Atlanta . . .

I pick Carolina, as we will watch Stephen Davis run all day. As long as they don't get crazy with the passing, Davis will put a hurt on that Atlanta defense. Carolina must score early and stuff Atlanta's offense early to really gain a big advantage. I think Carolina could fly into the playoffs.

Cleveland (-6.5) over Cincinnati . . .

I pick Cincinnati. These aren't your usual Bungles. Cinci's been The Corey Dillon Show for some time, and this will be a classic show, barring injury, on Sunday. Jamal Lewis shamed Cleveland's D enough to the point that they've probably tightened their run defense, but I'm not predicting that Dillon takes back his single game rushing record. I merely predict that Dillon will open up the room for Palmer to do some passing. Cleveland's D is not very solid, and it can be broken and owned. Cinci should beat Cleveland, or at least make it closer than a TD.

Oakland (-7.5) over San Diego . . .

I pick San Diego. Why give Oakland a spread of a TD? Oakland has lost the luster of last season. That defense and the slow legs of Tim Brown and Jerry Rice are key. San Diego should be able to turn Tomlinson on them for some serious damage. Give it to Tomlinson. SD should keep up and possibly win this one.

Denver (-12.5) over Detroit . . .

I pick Denver. Somehow, the Lions never do the expected. However, in this case, I keep hoping as a Detroit fan they will fight Denver. However, the intangibles tell me that Denver, at home, with a hot hand Plummer and a squad that clicks . . . Portis or no Portis, this team should destroy the Lions, unless they suddenly learn how to defend the pass. If Denver wins by more than 3 TDs, I wouldn't be surprised. Go Lions, but I take Denver, despite that point spread.

New York Jets (-3.5) over Dallas . . .

I pick Dallas. Are you kidding me? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

I hate Dallas . . . but the Tuna and the rested Cowboys should be able to put serious hurt on NYJ. That run defense for the Jets is pathetic, and I'm not convinced their coach is outclassed by the former NYJ coach.** Edwards is good, but the Tuna is better. Tuna rules, Herm drools. I'm taking Dallas, and I'm guessing they run up the score for prestige purposes.

Indianapolis (-2.5) over New Orleans . . .

I pick Indianapolis. I don't think Haslett's that wonderful of a coach . . . I've seen his teams fall flat too many times. Dungy's not the hottest coach either, but he knows how to run a defense. The Saints D is more injury-plagued than Philly and New England . . . Put them against Manning, James or Rhodes, and Harrison and Wayne, Pollard and Clark . . . oh wow, unless Manning has that usual Sunday*** night flop performance, they should beat New Orleans. If Manning didn't choke at odd times, this point spread would be larger against New Orleans . . .

Green Bay (-4.5) over Chicago . . .

I pick Green Bay. Monday Night Football games are usually a massacre. Since the Bears have Kordell Stewart, Farve should lead the Pack to a hefty lead. Kordell's never been a very bright or accurate QB, and that will kill him Monday night.

** next sentence was added for clarity . . . I was trying to say Edwards was a good coach, but he can't seem to find a way to win with these Jets.

*** edited for typo . . . It was late, and why did I say Monday night?

Are You Ready For Some Football?

[User Picture]From: hudoovoodoodoll
2003-09-28 07:33 pm (UTC)
i love reading your posts they always make me think, sorry i havent been on...now that i have a job its hard to keep up but I'll always read <3
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2003-09-29 06:13 pm (UTC)
If you like football, there's a good chance that I'll keep posting the picks I make.

I'm not always correct, but it's fun.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2003-09-29 06:28 pm (UTC)

Indianapolis Beats Down The 'Aints in the Big Easy.

They called it the Horror Dome.

The final score turned up 55-21 in favor of Peyton Manning.

Archie, his father, was on hand as a Saints all-time leading QB to watch his son school the literal backup squad of Saints. Peyton tossed 6 TD passes, and in the 4th, Dungy found it in his heart to toss in Huard, the backup Colts QB, due to the unmerciful beating by the end of the 3rd Q.

The Saints lost even more starters yesterday. Haslett's bleached blond hair should probably go white today.

Few football games are fun to watch, unless you have Peyton Manning as your starting QB on the fantasy roster yesterday. :D

Yay for blowouts! Apologies to 'Aints fans.

Note: Aaron Brooks needs help. Horn's not even an option for him yesterday? I liked Bouman's performance . . . and I'm unsure on Brooks now. Why oh why was he so clueless? That unforced fumble was a gem. Funny, yet sad.
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